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List of contributors to the project, including specific responsibilities, if applicable. This is the "who" of the project.


Background and description of the particular need that this project satisfies. The "why" of the project.

Goals & Considerations

Requirements and relevant constraints of the project, including main function, interface, and security concerns. The "what".


Anything of note that is specifically not going to be accomplished in this project. The "what not".

Dependencies / Who will use this

Outline what technologies, apis, tools this depends on. We also want to outline who our intended audience is if it isn't called out specifically in the Problem statement

Design and Approach

High-level design ideas and concepts. The "how" in a general sense.

Milestones and Dates

What specific work needs to be done and when are we planning on getting it done by. This can be high level features or smaller details. Ideally a link to a tracking system here like bugzilla, github, trello to outline what we think are the major steps


Technical notes, plans, and designs detailing how the project will be realized. The specifics of "how". This should also include how we expect this to be used and typical use cases

Getting Involved

Getting Started

Documentation on how to get the code, install it and get up and running. This should include how to run the tool and any unittests if they exist


Links to coding styles, patch/pull request guidelines, unittest requirements


list or links to - good first bugs, good next bugs, good first projects, etc.