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Feature Status ETA Owner
Windows Performance Testing (xperf, talos, pageloader) Continuing Effort, and new planning. 2011-06-15 Joel Maher


Integrate talos testing to measure with xperf and provide various page load techniques to measure code paths our users normally do.


  • Talos Developer: jmaher
  • Platform Developer: taras, sdwilsh
  • Talos Advisor: anode

Release Requirements

  • turn on xperf (windows 7) for talos ts and tp4 tests
  • replace cpu,memory,private bytes, etc.. with xperf (windows 7) collection
  • modify pageloader to load pages with keypress or link clicking
    • for tp4 (initially)

Next Steps

  • get .etl file scraper for existing xperf tests []
  • start review process of xperf patch for talos bug 609111
  • make decisions on future xperf usage (replace current counter collection)
  • make decisions on realistic tests to run this on
  • make decisions on pageloader modifications

Open Issues

  • what data to parse out of .etl file
    • # files accessed during startup
    • list of files accessed during tp on main thread
  • how to upload .etl files from talos test slaves
  • where to put .etl files for referencing
  • where/how to upload the test results we generate

Related Bugs & Dependencies

  • bug 609111 - passed prototype stage, preparing releng machines, need to start reviews.

Goals/Use Cases

  • provide useful non time based performance data to improve Firefox performance on Windows


  • rewriting talos for mac/linux.
  • measuring user use cases (like clicking on menu's, bookmarks, etc...)

Other Documentation

  • repository for [xperf toolchain]
  • TODO: include links to xperf and related stuff