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  • bug 897236 Request for Web bounty bugzilla form
  • bug 918644 ignore "Use of uninitialized value $compiled in concatenation (.) or string at /usr/lib64/perl5/Template/ line 572." warnings
  • bug 918684 stray "Bug NNNN" visible under header after adding/editing attachments
  • bug 918362 The "order" parameter passed to is ignored
  • bug 919357 Needinfo extension does not escape user names
  • bug 919376 needinfo should only display the real name (it shouldn't show the email address)
  • bug 919389 increase the mod_perl sizelimit to 600_000 on production
  • bug 919416 set STAT_TTL in template provider to > 1 second
  • bug 919041 Remove BMO feature which alters content-type on attachments from users without editbugs
  • bug 918647 "Use of uninitialized value" warnings when using quicksearch
  • bug 919917 securemail's publickey field should be lazy-loaded
  • bug 920060 API doesn't return total results
  • bug 920525 make inline history more efficient when inserting elements
  • bug 919881 Count of pending reviews for suggested reviewers doesn't take into account feedback requests
  • bug 920868 Remove shipped milestones from b2g status/tracking flags
  • bug 920242's flags field isn't honouring inclusion/exclusion


  • bug 912460 Header covers content on large font size or narrow browser window
  • bug 915823 Custom fields being returned in response that don't display in normal Bugzilla interface
  • bug 909442 Create a new webservice called User.valid_login that will verify if a cookie or login token is valid for the current user
  • bug 916656 release tracking flag refresh (27)
  • bug 907167 Bugzilla Sandstone Skin: The moz_login dropdown collapses when I move over its entries
  • bug 916702 tracking flags "copy" doesn't copy, it edits
  • bug 916703 password fields need to be styled like all other text fields
  • bug 917157 the "creation_time" parameter to incorrectly uses the "equals" operator
  • bug 916889 Bug.attachment webservice calls should return the size of the attachment
  • bug 901122 Create custom entry form for dev-events requests
  • bug 902457 Remove 'Include Closed' from MyDashboard (show all requests regardless of a bug's status)
  • bug 916935 Add Access-Control-Allow-Headers to REST API to indicate which HTTP headers can be used when making the request
  • bug 916955 API doesn't error if an invalid token is provided
  • bug 917427 Please allow release tracking flags to be set on bugs in the product
  • bug 915856 Comment field's `name` should be `comment` in response
  • bug 917577 needinfo? to reporter or assignee should show from whom it's going to needinfo?
  • bug 917683 comment text still too small in gmail
  • bug 917203 tracking flags with flag_type of "status" is unclear
  • bug 877545 quicksearch shouldn't treat apostrophes as quote characters
  • bug 804990 very long data urls break inline history
  • bug 916979 ignores the "limit" parameter
  • bug 910728 User Engagement Project initiation form that generates a bug by default


  • bug 911545 Fetching a non-public bug via XML fails due to TrackingFlags extension
  • bug 909843 trackingflags do not support "Can be set on bug creation"
  • bug 912036 all <input> text elements should be styled the same
  • bug 912232 Show tracking flag bug counts in tracking flag list as well as on the edit page
  • bug 898830 Improve loading of show_bug.cgi
  • bug 912529 bug id field for tagging bugs not auto-filled with bug id after changing a bug
  • bug 477601 Adapt to use improve bug searching in the webservices
  • bug 912479 causes foreign key constraint errors in the user-profile tables
  • bug 913208 Allow deleting of tracking flags that do not have bug values set but have activity entries in bugs_activity
  • bug 912546 page title is no longer displayed in the header
  • bug 912564 tbpl gets deadlocks setting last_activity_ts (Deadlock found when trying to get lock; try restarting transaction [for Statement "UPDATE profiles SET last_activity_ts = ? WHERE userid = ?"])
  • bug 912540 the push extension alters the flag_end_of_update hook's args for all extensions not just itself
  • bug 914196 Documentation for User.login should state cookies not used for JSONRPC and REST when making future connections
  • bug 848063 [Oracle] fails with ORA-01830: comment timestamps are not correctly formatted
  • bug 904988 create an ember extension with bespoke methods


  • bug 859550 Add "profile" to the user's context menu
  • bug 909199 textarea elements do not resize horizontally with the Mozilla skin
  • bug 909278 deadlocks setting last_activity_ts (Deadlock found when trying to get lock; try restarting transaction [for Statement "UPDATE profiles SET last_activity_ts = ? WHERE userid = ?"])
  • bug 906757 Update tab on Mozilla theme to new tab style (Tabzilla)
  • bug 910227 minor Mozilla skin tweaks
  • bug 909634 Allow token based authentication for webservices
  • bug 909360 Improve loading of show_bug.cgi