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Recent Changes



  • bug 1496803 Suggested component links ignore cloned bug data
  • bug 1497234 Remove Personas Plus GitHub link from Custom Bug Entry Forms index
  • bug 1497070 In-page links are broken due to <base href> added during Mojo migration
  • bug 1497437 The crash graph should display Exact Match results by default
  • bug 623384 Use Module::Runtime instead of eval { require } or eval "use"
  • bug 1496832 Add monitoring and preventative measures for feed daemon becoming unresponsive
  • bug 1497343 Add some rudimentary type checking to Bugzilla::WebServe::Util::validate()



  • bug 1495349 Remove Persona extension
  • bug 1263502 Add duplicates to /rest/bug/id
  • bug 1495906 After mojo update /latest/configuration API call no longer works and gives page not found
  • bug 1496233 "Dunno" -> "Don't know" in approval request form
  • bug 1489120 Add a rest API to get triage owners for each product/component pair
  • bug 1495901 SES type checking error
  • bug 1495746 /app/static/metricsgraphics/css/google-OpenSans.css missing in app container
  • bug 1496570 Bugzilla doesn't attempt to decode form-urlencoded data without a content-type header
  • bug 1496172 Attachments with unicode filenames cause timeout errors when retreiving attachments



  • bug 1455495 Replace apache with Mojolicious
  • bug 1487422 Remove Phabricator section from MyDashboard and related WebService API
  • bug 1490687 Stop setting r+s on Phabricator attachments
  • bug 1490708 Ensure we always call DBIx::Connector->dbh before any DBI method
  • bug 1491973 Add GeckoView to BMO::Data special casing
  • bug 1345673 Open Bugzilla History in a New Window or Tab
  • bug 1490901 ReviewBoard stub attachments no longer make a redirect, download a text file instead
  • bug 1492850 Remove places where headers are printed
  • bug 1468489 Documentation points to that is no longer maintained and will be shut down
  • bug 1492511 Code to updating subscriber values for current private bugs is throwing errors in the phabbugz log
  • bug 1470536 Add new GeckoView product to easy product selector on Browse and Enter Bug pages
  • bug 1492346 scripts/ should also add the target product to any tracking flags that the source product is a member of
  • bug 1492926 Handle DBIx::Connectors more appropriately
  • bug 1473417 Show often/recently used products/components on New Bug page
  • bug 1490595 Bugzilla update check should use https
  • bug 1491850 restoreSavedBugComment takes a really long time (100ms)
  • bug 1493295 Add short URL to each bug
  • bug 1494065 Add a basic test using Test::Mojo
  • bug 1489718 Insert form widgets for approval flag requests instead of free-form comment text
  • bug 1493847 Fix buglist.cgi link label on product/component dropdown lists
  • bug 1493500 Remove all trailing whitespaces from all files
  • bug 1493490 Remove navigator.buildID usage from Bugzilla Helper
  • bug 1494645 Allow customizing HTML <title> of search results
  • bug 1421032 Detect Markdown attachment files as text/plain so Firefox can display the content
  • bug 1418378 Use Material Icons on Bugzilla home page instead of low-res images
  • bug 1495071 Mojolicious Cleanup
  • bug 1495834 xmlrpc.cgi outputs headers in request-body
  • bug 1495869 Crash graph not found after mojo migration



  • bug 1399721 change canonical from to
  • bug 1486369 please enable "due date" for Firefox -> Security: Review Request component
  • bug 1488292 Remove MozReview extension from BMO code tree as MozReview is being decommissioned
  • bug 1479466 Security-bug email reports



  • bug 602313 Allow creation of attachments by pasting an image from clipboard, as well as by drag-and-dropping a file from desktop
  • bug 1482475 Add extensive testing framework
  • bug 1480878 Monitor the health of PhabBugz connector job processing
  • bug 1473958 Update Thunderbird logo, replace Data Platform and Tools icon on easy product selector
  • bug 1482145 PhabBot changes are showing up as from the wrong user, and also sending email incorrectly (based on the wrong current user)