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Recent Changes



  • bug 1832985 Sort results by "Last Updated" should list change dates in descending order by default
  • bug 1833442 When a revision is abandoned for an uplift repo in Phabricator, Phabbugz is trying to set the approval-mozilla-beta flag to '-' and failing



  • bug 1829061 Replace access-s whiteboard tags with a drop-down field
  • bug 1833441 If revision->uplift_request is empty, format_uplift_request_as_markdown still tries to generate a comment causing hash error



  • bug 1832364 *** Place holder for summary ***
  • bug 1832391 Phabricator feed process crashes when a revision is in draft status and setting approval-mozilla-* flag on the new attachment
  • bug 1832408 New user code in Phabbugz is failing on a specific account and starting over each time from the last successful id



  • bug 1828677 Invalid regex in BMO feed reader: `The regular expression you provided ':?:phab\\-bot[[:>:]]' is not valid`
  • bug 1783577 Add ability to associate a URL with a comment keyword
  • bug 1830152 make the `stack_graph_raw` attribute optional
  • bug 1825961 Missing uplift approval flags on uplift patches causes autonag to falsely complain
  • bug 1825092 Pulsebot should comment the changeset hash of the landed changesets to the bug for uplift landings



  • bug 1820859 Wrap code that looks for a latest nightly/stable versions of Firefox in try/catch block in case of failure
  • bug 1821251 Quick search box can't be activated in screen reader browse mode
  • bug 1821521 [GITHUB] Only perform actions to a bug if branch is main, master, or a release branch. Ignore feature, bugfix branches, etc.
  • bug 1821679 [GITHUB] Display the name of the branch the commit was made in the comment added to the bug
  • bug 1821694 [GITHUB] Commits made to release branches should not close the bugs, only add status flag and comment
  • bug 1821739 [GITHUB] When a status flag is set from a commit, the flag is stored in the flags table, but it is not recorded properly in the bugs_activity table
  • bug 1821478 [GITHUB] Fall back to if author.username is missing
  • bug 1821386 Set the Milestone field when resolving bugs after PR merges