BMO/Recent Changes/2018-03

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  • bug 1437383 Create PhabBugz class for loading of a user object from phabricator
  • bug 1441329 Fix typos in the PhahBugz module
  • bug 1438206 Process SES email bounces properly
  • bug 1441475 BMO is vulnerable to reverse tabbnabbing
  • bug 1437384 in PhabBugz extension should be extended to also query for new users in Phab
  • bug 1403344 Extract schema migration code from and expose via docker container command
  • bug 1429621 Add Saved Searches to My Dashboard
  • bug 1433299 Link in summary is broken
  • bug 1384313 Can't build the docs from within the vagrant box
  • bug 1441569 fails on vagrant box
  • bug 1440239 Assign a secure revision to the `secure-revision` group project
  • bug 1437646 Support Mozlog logs using Log::Log4perl
  • bug 1442099 Add memcached tracing to help debug weirdness in cloud env
  • bug 1442288 Bugzilla::Logging should log when a program is being run interactively
  • bug 1442520 move inbound_proxies to localconfig
  • bug 1402494 BMO Integration User is a full administrative user on Phabricator
  • bug 1443003 Port bug 1175211 to Harmony branch (Undefined subroutine &Bugzilla::CGI::SERVER_PUSH)
  • bug 1273381 Improve bugzilla object performance by using Class::XSAccessor for object accessors
  • bug 1419973 Modify product selector layout on Browse and Enter Bug pages
  • bug 1429344 Review requests in requests dropdown should link to MozReview or GitHub instead of Bugzilla details page
  • bug 1433573 Display the short URL link even for queries without any results
  • bug 1443049 is_interactive() must be declared before log4perl config is loaded
  • bug 1343248 Migrate secbugstats scripts to bmo production
  • bug 1441181 Implement new process model for running multiple email jobqueue daemons