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Event background

Mozilla Europe once again sponsored Balkans Communities meet-up, which now happened in Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia. Lead contributors from Balkan communities were invited and sponsored by Mozilla Europe to participate in a 2-day workshop. The aim of the workshop was to enable Mozilla communities in the Balkans to share and learn from each other's experience working on the Mozilla Project, improve collaboration in the future, and work on specific tasks, based on the 5 goals defined in the previous Balkan Meetup in Skopje and in light of the upcoming Firefox 4 release.


Every community was represented by 2 contributors:

  • Bosnian community [Aleksandar Savic]
  • Bulgarian community [Bogomil Shopov and Mihail Chilyashev]
  • Croatian community [Edin Huric]
  • Greek community [Pierros Papadeas & Kostas Antonakoglou]
  • Macedonian community [Gorjan Jovanovski & Novica Nakov]
  • Romanian community [Alexandru Szasz]
  • Serbian community [Milos Dinic & Marko Jovanovic]
  • Slovenian community [Matjaz Horvat, Brian King, Vito Smolej, and others]
  • Kosovo community [Heroid Shehu, Gent Thaçi]

Mozilla Europe also invited some staff to join:

  • Axel Hecht - Localization Shepherd, Mozilla
  • Kadir Topal - SUMO Community Manager, Mozilla

Beside community members, we had several Kiberpipa community people helping us organise the event and make sure all the tech requirements were met. Also, for the Saturday dinner, Mozilla contributors from Balkans had a chance to meet and speak to:

  • Gary Kovacs - CEO, Mozilla
  • Tristan Nitot - President, Mozilla Europe
  • Chris Beard - Chief Engagement Officer, Mozilla
  • Mary Colvig - Head of Community Engagement, Mozilla

Sessions and workshops

  • All talks were both filmed and streamed live at
  • Every community had ~5 minutes to present their current and future tasks
  • Workshops led by Mozilla staff and contributors - everyone was involved

Goals set

Goals set and action items can be found here

Summary of Pros and Cons

TBD - see individual feedback