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Mozilla Balkans Community Meet-up

Ljubljana, December 4-5, 2010

Ljubljana, the beautiful capital of Slovenia, has been declared as the next location for the second in a row Mozilla Balkans inter-community meet-up. All info on this page should still be considered as DRAFT(with some minor exceptions) as we're still in the planning phase.


The second Balkans Inter-Community meet-up will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on December 4th-5th 2010.

Lead contributors from Balkan communities will be invited and sponsored by Mozilla Europe to participate in a 2-day workshop.

The aim of the workshop is to enable Mozilla communities in the Balkans to share and learn from each other's experience working on the Mozilla Project, improve collaboration in the future, and work on specific tasks, based on the 5 goals defined in the previous Balkan Meetup in Skopje and in light of the upcoming Firefox 4 release.

The event will be preceded by an informal public event, which will take place in on Thursday December 2nd, and will be led by Mozilla Slovenia local community. The aim of this public event will be to present to a large audience the Mozilla project, a preview of Firefox 4 and explain how easy it is to get involved in the project.


  • Public event: Thursday December 2nd from 19h-24h
  • Contributor Event : Saturday December 4th from 9h to 18h and Sunday December 5th from 9h to 14h



Information on Ljubljana

Format & Schedule (DRAFT)


[Public event]: Presentations given by staff and local community to the general public (FREE and open to everyone who registers) in university auditorium + cultural center

[Contributor event]:

  • Day 1:
    • Morning: Goals overview, community presentations and discussions
    • Afternoon: Work sprint (Bug triaging.fixing and specific l10n/SUMO/QA tasks)
  • Day 2:
    • Morning: Task review, discussion and goals update for the next 6 months


Please find the detailed schedule here.

Work Sprint

For this meetup, we'll be focusing the afternoon of Saturday on "getting things done" where Mozilla staff will be leading several work sprints where all participants will be expected to get a specific number of tasks done by the end of the day. These tasks will be defined and explained at the outset by each work sprint leader.

Talks and Tasks Planning

As we're moving forward with planning, we're gonna make a table with all the talks and tasks for the contributor event. Until then, please use the Talks Proposal page to write in any idea you might have.

For all the other ideas, the ones that are not related specifically to meeting topics, use the Ideas page. On that page you're advised to put in suggestions for partying, food, general organization, tours etc.



The following Balkan communities will each be represented by 2 lead contributors:

  • Bosnian community [Aleksandar Savic]
  • Bulgarian community [Bogomil Shopov and Mihail Chilyashev]
  • Croatian community [Edin Huric]
  • Greek community [Pierros Papadeas & Kostas Antonakoglou]
  • Macedonian community [Gorjan Jovanovski & Novica Nakov]
  • Romanian community [[[User:Alexxed|Alexandru Szasz]] & Alina Mierlus]
  • Serbian community [Milos Dinic & Marko Jovanovic(gotsrb)]
  • Slovenian community [Matjaz Horvat, Brian King, Vito Smolej, and others]
  • Kosovo community [Heroid Shehu, Gent Thaçi]

Mozilla Staff

  • William Quiviger - European Community Manager, Mozilla (contributor event only)
  • Seth Bindernagel - Director of Localization, Mozilla (public event only)
  • Axel Hecht - Localization Shepherd, Mozilla (contributor event only)
  • Kadir Topal - SUMO Community Manager, Mozilla (contributor event only)

See also detailed arrival/departure times of each participant


Goals will be announced here after the end of the brainstorming session.

In the meantime you can check goals brainstorming page.

Part I: Review

  • ~20 minute breakout
  • What did we achieve/didn’t achieve?
  • How effective were the goals themselves?
    • Clear
    • Actionable
    • Measureable

Practical Info


10 double bed rooms booked at Hostel Celica (Twitter) for 2 nights from 3rd - 5th December. It's a non-profit organisation founded by Student organization of University of Ljubljana and a former prison.

They have free Wi-Fi, but we have to use shared bathrooms. Double bed room is 24 EUR per person per night, self-service breakfast included.

Hostel Celica also offers shuttles from and to the airport. Price: 7 euros one way.

The check in starts at 3pm. If you should arrive sooner you can store your luggage in out luggage room. Reception is open 24/7. Check out is before 11am. Breakfast is included from 7.30 to 11am.

Also every guest will have to pay a deposit (10 eur in cash) when you check in for the keys, bed linen and respecting the house rules.

The deposit is returned to guests at check out if you return all the keys, bed linen and if the house rules were respected.

Hostel Celica, Zavod Šouhostel
Address: Metelkova 8, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Phone: +386 1 230 97 00
Fax: +386 1 230 97 14


Participants traveling to Ljubljana by train, bus, or car are asked to purchase their own travel and request reimbursement after the meetup is over.

Those traveling by plane need to coordinate their travel with William. Please contact him as soon as possible to book your flights and avoid exorbitant prices.

All participants of the contributor event are asked to arrive in Ljubljana anytime on Friday December 3rd and leave Ljubljana on Sunday December 5th in the afternoon.

Merkun Shuttle will wait for those traveling by plane at the airport parking and will have a list of all the participants. You just go through the exit door and cross the street and you will see Merkun vans or buses waiting for your. They will take you to the hostel. The transfer is sponsored by Mozilla. Check the link below for your shuttle times.

Please fill arrivals/departures table


All participants will enjoy world-renowned Slovenian food throughout the contributor event. The following meals (including drinks) will be organized and paid for by Mozilla Europe :

  • Friday (12/03) : Dinner
  • Saturday (12/04) : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and şliboviţă
  • Sunday (12/05) : Breakfast, Lunch

The dinner on Friday is taking place at Stara Mačka steakhouse at Ljubljanica river in Ljubljana downtown. They serve veal, horse meat, chicken, fish, salads etc. together with fine wine.

We'll have a dinner on Saturday together with our surprise guest at the Figovec at 20.30 sharp. It's an old Slovenian restaurant, located very close to Kiberpipa in Ljubljana downtown. They offer different kinds of specialities, including traditional slovenian food.


It's cold!

More information here and here and here.

Getting around in Ljubljana

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia


Points of interest

Sponsorship policy

Mozilla Europe will cover all accommodation, food and travel expenses during the contributor event. This includes hotel expenses from Dec 3rd to Dec 5th, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Reimbursement policy

All participants who requesting reimbursement for their expenses need to fill out the following form and send it to William (william [at] mozilla [dot] com) along with scanned copies of all their receipts.

Mozilla Europe Reimbursement Form

NB: Please make sure to get approval from William before making any purchase

Contact persons

William Quiviger [wquiviger at]
Milos Dinic [milos at]
Brian King [ at]
Matjaz Horvat [matjaz.horvat at]: +386 31 867 987


Mozilla Slovenija

To find more about Mozilla Slovenia, local Mozilla community and their work, please visit

The Web & Mobile Scene in Slovenia


Please check the postmortem page.