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Put all your ideas here. Whoever wants to, he/she is more then welcome to add categories as this is the proposals page.


  • Tools (Verbatim, Narro, OmegaT) and Dashboards
    • How to use tools (demo)
    • GUI tools vs. command line ones - pros and cons
    • What's a translation memory and why your l10n may need it
  • compare locales and other utilities
  • Steps needed for getting commit access(SVN, HG)
  • SuMo KnowledgeBase, Kitsune fundamentals
  • Websites and localization requirements
  • localizing Add-Ons
  • L10N products - web coherence & consistence
  • Terminology issues
  • Using bugzilla for l10n purposes

Community and Engagement(Marketing)

  • Marketing research results brainstorming
  • Student Reps
  • Handling press
  • Organizing community web presentation(website+forum+wiki)
    • Promoting your website
  • How to conduct a successful research
  • Steps in building a community

WebDev and Addons

  • MCS
  • Power of XUL simplicity
  • Jetpack??

Mozilla Balkans

  • Mozilla Balkans Consolidation (establish SOP and create)
    • Website
    • Logo
    • Mailing list
    • IRC channel
    • Meetings


  • Handling Firefox/Thunderbird and the government
  • Finding and nurturing allies
  • Adding muscle - how to recruit