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This is the Wiki page of Team 4

Definiton of what makes the Balkans more Unique

The people that are prone to work together in the Balkans regions makes it more Unique, the history of the Balkans makes it also unique because the people, most of the culture is common in the Balkan states.

Recruiting new Active Contributers

Mozilla day in Gjakovë, Kosovo link related: , this was also Achived through the Web Page, and through other people involved who talked about this.

Organizing an Large Event

We didn't have one, although we only had a smaller Event.

Ensuring that Firefox and Thunderbird are localized in every Balkan Language

Most of the translations are almost done, and they are in progress, in Firefox 3.6 we have most of the Balkans Languages. The number of Albanian Translators is raising, although there is a little problem with this, which can be solved.

Creation of Infrastructure that fosters the colloboration with all Balkan Communities

We have the Balkans community Wiki page in which we are working a lot, plus the Bi-Weekly calls, we also have the Balkans Mailing List.