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Getting around town


To make your stay as trouble free as possible, we made a map(s) with all the main venue locations and routes you would need.
There are a lot of extras to this map, so feel free to copy only the things that interest you to a map of your own.

You can find the map HERE.
A cut down version with only the basics can be found HERE.

The Tram and Bus Network (ZET)

Zagreb is quite well connected from side to side, which is probably due to its stretched out geography, and the system functions quite good, except when you're stuck in a rush hour or in a light rain. For some reason, people simply forget how to drive if they see 'water from the skies' even in the tiniest quantities. :)

Jokes aside, the system is OK and it is the best option for getting around Zagreb.
Every participant will be getting a public transportation ticket as soon as they arrive to Zagreb and are greeted by one of our mozillians at the bus station. Please use them only for traveling between conference/launch break locations and if instructed by one of our coordinators.
You can find a map of all the tram lines HERE. It would be a good idea to print it out before you leave for Zagreb.
You can also find precise timetables on this link, but unfortunately there is only a Croatian version.
No need to despair, most tram stops have led indicator boards which show when the next tram is arriving and it usually doesn't take long (approx. 10 minutes) for the same line to come around again.

Arriving at Zagreb Airport (Zagreb Pleso)

Once you land at the airport and pick up your luggage, follow the signs or ask on the Info Desk how to find the bus stop on the exit of the airport.
You don't have to worry, the really can't miss the bus stop because there is only one exit. The stop will be marked clearly and the bus will be painted in a recognizable design with the writings "Pleso Prijevoz" and "Croatia Airlines" on it, which can be seen HERE.
Tickets for the bus are sold by the driver or by the conductor who operate the bus. Tickets are priced at 30 kunas for a one way ticket.

They DO NOT accept euros, so it is advised that you exchange a small amount of euros (or other currencies) in one of the exchange booths within the airport. Note 30 kunas equals approximately 5 euros.

The shuttle bus leaves every half an hour, counting from a whole hour, from 0700h to 2000h.
Hop on and travel to the Bus Station, the last stop.
A fellow mozillian from the Croatian Mozilla Community will be waiting there to welcome you to Zagreb. :)
They will be wearing a Firefox T-shirt, Balkans Meeting T-shirt or any other kind of visible Mozilla marking, badge or Meeting accreditation.

Arriving at the Main Bus Station (Autobusni Kolodvor Zagreb)

For participant who will be arriving via bus transit, be sure to exit only at the Main Bus Station, some travel companies' buses stop on other city bus stops as well.
A staff member will be there to welcome you on arrival and help you get to the hotel.

Getting to the Hotel

A fellow mozillian will accompany you to the Hotel after you arrive at the main bus station.


All participants will be staying at the Hotel International during their visit in Zagreb.

Hotel details
Address: Miramarska 24, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: +385 (1) 6108 800

Our accommodation coordinator
Maja Rebac
Phone: +385 (1) 6108 454
Mobile: +385 91 244 0710


Checking-in at your hotel

Please check in at the reception desk of the Hotel International. Fill out your name and address. Your room is already reserved.
Keep in mind that you are expected to check in before 14:00h, Friday (May 11).
In case you have arrived a day earlier, your check in will be arranged at the time filled in this form.

In any case, a mozillian will be accompanying you all the way, so this should be easy as pie.

Mozillians leaving on Sunday (May 13) should leave their luggage at the hotel. There will be plenty of time to pick it up before your departure.
If anyone is required to leave earlier, just inform one of the Meeting Coordinators, and we will do the rest.

Public transportation near your hotel

You will receive a public transportation tickets as soon as you arrive to Zagreb and are greeted at the bus station. Please use them only for traveling between conference/launch break locations and if instructed by one of our coordinators
There are two Tram Network (ZET) stops located in close vicinity to your hotel.
They operate these lines:

Line 3 - between LJUBLJANICA and SAVIŠĆE
Line 5 - between PREČKO and MAKSIMIR
Line 13 - between ŽITNJAK and KVATERNIKOV TRG

Both stops are located left as soon as you leave the hotel through the main entrance.
The stops are marked on the map for your convenience.

Getting to The Main Square (Trg Bana Jelačića)

Considering that the Main Square is the focal point of the city (and the only one), it is quite hard to miss it.

The easiest way to get to the Main Square and the Old Town (Kaptol) is via the tram network.
Catch the line 13 tram (heading towards Kvarternikov trg) on the the westbound tram stop near your hotel.
It will make a stop on The Main Square.
The tram ride takes about 15 minutes to the Square.

The more leisure-full option is to walk your way to The Square, maintaining a general north direction.
There are a couple of nice parks and sights on the way, which should make for a more healthy and enjoyable experience.
Just make sure to take a google maps equipped gadget with you and avoid the "Miramarska cesta" underpass
(NB: walking east by the prolonged and low building at the start of the underpass is probably a better idea).
The Square is 15 to 20 minutes away on foot.

Logistics at the conference

Conference Venue

The conference will be held at:

HYPO Centar Zagreb
Josipa Marohnića 3
10000 Zagreb
Tel: + 385 1 603-6500
Fax: + 385 1 603 6550


There is a parking garage within the HYPO business center.

Distances from points of interest:

Airport Pleso: 20 km
Hotel International: 2 km (1.2 km on foot)
Main Bus Station (AKZ): 3,6 km
Main City Square (Trg Bana Jelačića): 6 km

Travel between locations

Hotel International - HYPO center - Hotel International
Because there are no tram network connections on the "Slavonska Avenija", the only options to get to the HYPO center are by taxi or on foot.

If you prefer taxis, you can find more info on the taxi options below.

In case you wish to walk, (Yay!!) there is a walking route embedded in the google map.
It shouldn't take more than five minutes to get there.

Coffee Breaks

Coffee, snacks and refreshments will be organized at the venue.
You don't have to worry about those, we'll make sure there is plenty of "creative fuels" available.

Launch Breaks

During launch breaks will stop the work and transfer to a restaurant near by.
After we are set and ready, will return to the venue for another round of presentations and roundtables.

Returning to the Airport

After we complete all the lectures and touring around the city, unfortunately it will be time to say goodbye.
We will see you off to the shuttle bus which will transfer you back to the airport.
The bus leaves a bit differently when it is heading way airport. You can find the schedule HERE and see what time suites your flight best.

As with all airports, please note:

You will need to be at the check-in desk 2 hours before the departure time of your flight, because it is an international flight.

You are not allowed to take liquids on the plane with you (apart from small amounts in form of necessary medication or for baby food, max 100 ml). It is best to finish all of your drinks before going through security - you will be able to buy more drinks at the gate or the main hall.

Also, all sharp items will be confiscated at the gate.

Weather forecast

Thursday, May 10th:
Partly Cloudy; Max:26° Min:12°; Chance of rain: 0%

Friday, May 11th:
Partly Cloudy; Max:28° Min:14°; Chance of rain: 0%

Saturday, May 12th:
Partly Cloudy; Max:26° Min:10°; Chance of rain: 20%

Sunday, May 13th:
Showers; Max:12° Min:7°; Chance of rain: 60%

Monday, May 14th:
Showers; Max: 12° Min: 7°; Chance of rain: 60%

Well, at least it's not all bad, eh? :)
Also, you can try praying to The BBC Oracle.

In an emergency

Emergency numbers are as follows:

112 - Combined number for all emergencies; will redirect you to the appropriate one
192 - Police
193 - Firefighters
194 - Ambulance

Additional Information

Where to take out / exchange money

You can either exchange your money at the airport or at banks/exchange offices in the city.
We recommend you exchange as little as possible at the airport, due to their high fees.

In addition, you can find ATMs all over the city. Just take your card and pin number with you, most of them accept international cards and will give you Kunas.


To bring down the possibility of you being severed from the almighty Internets, we made sure it's accessible at the conference venue and the hotel. It is free, of course.

The staff will provide you with passwords once you are there, just ask . :)