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About participants

We encourage all communities to participate on this meeting. After all, it's regional, right? :)
This kind of meetings gather relevant people from specified geographic area.
Live meetings help people exchange information, experiences, thoughts and knowledge. It's also great
for discussions, planned education and knowledge transfers, workshops and other stuff.

Every community should send out up to two active members to the Meeting, which will represent their country
and community. Those members should be either Core Contributors or Active Contributors.

List of participants

Name Country E-mail @twitter/ Mozillians Profile Other
Balkans Invitee
Aleksandar Savić Bosnia and Herzegovina Mozilla BiH;GTalk @aleksandar_s AleksandarS blog; FB
Adi Zeljković Bosnia and Herzegovina GTalk @AdiZeljkovic ZeljkovicA FB
Nikola Matosović Croatia Gmail nikolamatosovic Nikola FB
Niko Višnjić Croatia Gmail;Gmail Niko
Gent Thaçi Kosovo Gmail;Mozilla Kososvo @gentthaci Gent FB
Altin Ukshini Kosovo Gmail;Mozilla Kosovo @altinukshini Altin Fb; Blog
Novica Nakov Macedonia Gmail novica
Damjan Georgievski Macedonia Gmail @gdamjan @gdamjan @gdamjan on github, gplus, facebook,
Ioana Chiorean Romania Gmail; Mozilla Romania @ioana_cis IoanaChiorean FB and ioana_cis as id on other ones
Alex Lakatos Romania Mozilla Romania @lakatos88 AlexLakatos FB
Oskar Ivanić Serbia and Montenegro Gmail @oskarivanic Icecold FB
Dejan Binder Serbia and Montenegro (Deleted) (Deleted) (Deleted) (Deleted)
Brian King Slovenia / Ireland Gmail @brianking kinger ReMo;
Nino Vranešič Slovenia Private email; Mozilla Slovenia email @ninovranesic elnino_slo FB
Selim Sumlu Turkey @maxcoder [ Selim FB
Mozilla Invitee
Michelle Thorne Germany (Berlin) MoFo @thornet thornet
Axel Hecht Germany (Berlin) MoCo @axelhecht Pike
Mike DuPont h4ck3rm1k3 Dev; wikimo; AMO; ReMo

Staff participants

We invited these people in Zagreb but, sadly, they can't come:

  • Matjaž Horvat
  • Pierros Pappadeas (CANCELLED)
  • Mary Colvig
  • Stas Malolepszy
  • Claire Corgnou (CANCELLED)
  • William Quiviger (CANCELLED)