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In short

  • Check that your community leader applied you
  • Find the best travel option
  • File a budget request (refund for travel expenses)
  • Check your passport
  • Fill out our Participants Form

Steps explained

Confirmation of visit

Please, make sure your community leader already sent me an email about people coming from his/her country.

Find your travel option

Go and check your travel options. Bus, train, plane...
What you have to keep in mind is that you should be at the hotel at 14:00H (CE(S)T Time).
Do this as soon as possible.
When you are done with it, and you have a decision, let us know when exactly (and how) are you coming and leaving.
Post that info here.

What is CE(S)T Time?

CET Time is +1hour difference from UTC time. CEST Time is +2hours difference from UTC time. Simple as that.

Being at the Hotel on time

That means that your plane should land around 13:00H on Zagreb Airport, so that you have time
to get on the bus, meet fellow Mozillian on Main Bus Station, hop on the tram and get to the Hotel.
For those who are coming by bus or train - it's ok if you are in Zagreb on a Station at 13:30, it should do.

About travel expenses

ReMos - you know the drill. File a bug in Bugzilla.
Others - contact a Rep from your country to file the bug for you.

NOTE: Don't forget to add Meeting Coordinators to CC list on your bug!

Travel Documents

Please, check your passport and expiration date. We don't want you to arrive on airport and... khm, stay there.

Fill out the form for participants

Here is the form which should help us to prepare better and to make your stay safe, fun and great.
Please, fill it out.