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Milos will initiate the skype conference. If you want to be in the call, just add skype id: dinic.milos and ask to be invited.

Also, please visit #balkans channel on with your IRC client. In case you don't have one, install addon for Firefox, or visit Mibbit chat, choose Mozilla from the drop-down list, type in your nick in the left box, type #balkans in the right box and click on go button.


  • Balkans meet-up update
  • Communities update
  • LocalEvents
  • Balkans Meet-up Ljubljana
    • Schedule
    • Logo
  • Market research

Meeting Notes

  • Community update
    • Vito was working on localization, mainly Thudnderbird in-product pages and website, therefore helped with Thunderbird 3.1.x Slovenian push
    • Macedonian community is working on localization
      • FF is almost 100% localized.
        • Marketing research is almost finished, but we do have some problems with mobile data since it's new here.
  • Balkans Meet-up Updates:
    • Rooms are booked, hostel is in the center of the city
    • Venue secured
    • 2 public events planned, one in the university and the other in the reserved venue
  • Mozilla staff coming:
    • William Q.
    • Pike (l10n)
    • Gandalf (community, jetpack) (TBC)

Contact William for VISA related issues for the Balkan Meetup.

  • Fill in any ideas in the Ljubljana wiki talk proposals page to help out the Slovenian community in organization [1] and all other ideas [2]
  • Mozilla Balkans Meetup Note:
    • All communities need to give update on what has been going on since the Skopje event. (maybe localization, community websites, marketing and info collection....)
  • Need logo ideas ASAP, for fliers, posters, t-shirts and so on. Go ahead and submit any ideas.


Community leaders to appoint people to do marketing research, it's a 15-20 min job using links provided. We really need this info to oriante our marketing in the right directions.