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  • Take the last logo and perhaps apply some minor changes

Promote the event in native language

  • contact important people of every community
  • do targeted outreach
  • get together a list of VIPs
  • encourage important IT persons to attend
  • official invitation from Mozilla would do more than invitation from local community leaders and/or members
  • Gorjan did a preliminary promotion in Macedonia
  • Invite Vlad


  • Paul helped by setting us up a new instance on to test (Asa agreed)
  • find a volunteer camermans (4-6 would do)
  • still working on separate internet connection for a stream
  • find a machine to do the streaming from and get more info so we could prepare it "remotely"


  • make a list of all sessions that will be presented, and ask lectors to add their name by them
  • populate existing page


  • Accomodation confirmed
  • Venue confirmed

Call info

Call info: Skype No. to dial (free of charge): +1.800.707.2533, followed by 369 (password)
Room No.: 340#
Time: 19:30 CET


  • Logo and Promotion
    • Final vote on the "Mozilla Balkans" logo
    • promotion strategy of Meetup (blogs, community portals, PR etc...)
    • Igors: We have contact details in some of the newspapers and TV stations so lets see if we can promote the event there as well.
  • Streaming/IT Team
    • update on progress made and next steps regarding server, icecast, internet connection etc...
    • Add me
    • IgorS: I have contacted Neotel ( a ISP if they can help with the internet link, and sponsor the event. Tehy have offered their services earlier, so lets see how they will respond. Gorjan is in CC of the email so he can share the details in the call in today. I'm not sure if I will be able to attend.
  • Discuss and prepare preliminary list of speakers for each suggested session in the schedule
    • every community should give at least one talk
  • Logistics update
    • Hotel reservation confirmed at Hotel Skopje
    • Fill out this table to share your flight details so we can arrange a taxi service to/from the hotel in Skopje
  • Schedule Update