Bernimel report November 2011

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Reporter User:Bernimel
Date November 2011
Recruits 0
Past Items Summary
  • Mozilla Hispano's talk preparation for EU MozCamp
  • EU MozCamp assistance
  • Marketing Challenge EU MozCamp: suggestion of 3 different campaigns. One of them.
  • Firefox Newsletter localization (Spanish). Done!
  • Facebook's poll asking for the next Mozilla Hispano's website redesign preferences
  • ideas for redesigning (in collaboration with Chelsea Novak)
  • "Rumbo" Marketing Plan: briefing and first ideas. Project URL (es)
  • MozBuzz screen's definition
  • MozEdu project: collaborating in first meeting ideas. Project URL (es)
  • Facebook's 100.000 fans campaign: advancing. Project URL (es)
Next Items Summary
  • Redesign of Mozilla Hispano Website: definition, objectives, structure, design, priorities, contents, ...
  • "Rumbo" Marketing Plan: document every step in a document and generate the different pieces for activations.
  • MozBuzz testing
  • Possible events: Madrid and Málaga