Breakpad/Status Meetings/2009-Nov-18

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  • CrashKill meeting notes - please read
    • SkipList is a new part of this meeting (maybe?)
    • Open SkipList Bugs - totally powned by lars and griswolf
    • SkipList should go in summary and [CrashKill] in whiteboard (when fix is critical to CrashKill)
    • We should keep a log of SkipList changes to account for changes to our data
  • Review chris' mocks
  • What's going on here?
  • 1.2 milestone run-through
  • 3.6 crash volume
    • discuss how much volume we're dealing with and how it affects metrics
    • document it
    • make sure we scale
    • read this
  • need to figure out a way to store crash release dates

TODO (from 11-11):

  • Fix stage config
  • griswolf will file an IT bug to
    • get apache JSON .htaccess changes
    • give Stage test plan to Aravind to verify the file system and location of crashes