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Breakpad & Socorro

1.1 pushed, see dev.planning


Rank Stacks Bug Owner Status
1 (signature unavailable) crash-stats report changed to include empty sigs with 1.1; possibly Zone Alarm causes a bunch of these: need to get in contact with someone there
2 3RD PARTY RtlpWaitForCriticalSection bug 511757 jst Flash-related
3 UserCallWinProcCheckWow bug 501429 jst possibly fixed by never unloading plug-ins (bug 500925), fix landed for; almost might need to be on the skip list
4 3RD PARTY nsGlobalWindow::cycleCollection::UnmarkPurple(nsISupports*) bug 527339 dbaron correlated highly with bit defender; needs a new owner; will determine which version of bit defender
5 RtlpWaitOnCriticalSection bug 511759, bug 527540 jst probably multiple bugs; bug 514505 to split signatures should be fixed by Nov 24; possible DLL blocklist nominee!
6 3RD PARTY _woutput_l bug 511756 dolske likely TrendMicro toolbar
7 3RD PARTY nsStyleSet::FileRules(int (*)(nsIStyleRuleProcessor*, void*), RuleProcessorData*) bug 492675 dbaron possible fix landed for but didn't work; looked at WOT code, not their fault, need to investigate more
8 3RD PARTY Flash Player@0x92160 bug 520058 josh Flash; latest version too
9 DEBUG GraphWalker::DoWalk(nsDeque&)
bug 500105 dbaron, peterv landed debugging code for b2; investigated, but back to the drawing board
10 3RD PARTY NPSWF32.dll@0xbc897 Flash!
11 nsScriptLoader::StartLoad(nsScriptLoadRequest*, nsAString_internal const&) bug 519886 jst, mrbkap unable to reproduce, but likely wallpaper fix in the bug, landed for Correlated with Skype toolbar and hotmail? We'll see in
12 BLOCKLIST _PR_MD_SEND bug 467167 sicking, jimm spin off: malware module detection, bug 523350
13 js_Interpret bug 519363 dmandelin most popular subcrash fixed on trunk and 1.9.2; jorendorff is backporting a stack of 5 patches to 1.9.1.
14 3RD PARTY BLOCKLIST RtlpCoalesceFreeBlocks bug 519340 dolske AVG released an updated version; will plan to blocklist old versions (with their approval) on Friday
15 FIXED nsWindow::GetParentWindow(int) bug 470487 jst, jimm fix landed for
16 DEBUG nsCycleCollector::MarkRoots(GCGraphBuilder&) bug 437449 dbaron, peterv same as GraphWalker::DoWalk(nsDeque&)
17 arena_dalloc_small | arena_dalloc | free | XPT_DestroyArena bug 519356 ctalbert seems related to compatibility mode; need to grab a minidump to investigate
18 objc_msgSend | IdleTimerVector bug 509130 smichaud caused by webkit (bug filed with Webkit and Radar issue on file); workaround landed for 1.9.2b3
19 arena_chunk_init bug 515211 dmandelin fixed on trunk and 1.9.2; waiting for approval for landing to 1.9.1.
20 BLOCKLIST NPFFAddOn.dll@0x11867 bug 519343 tomcat was able to find this malware and with the help from marcia to extract this dll. AV Vendors are informed and a first one has found a new virus in this :) - Tomcat
21 3RD PARTY GoogleDesktopMozilla.dll@0x5512 bug 401513
22 PL_DHashTableOperate | free | nsEventListenerManager::AddEventListenerByType(nsIDOMEventListener*, nsAString_internal const&, int, nsIDOMEventGroup*) bug 516113 ?
23 js_TraceObject bug 503772 Tomcat taking and investigating
24 RaiseException | _CxxThrowException bug 511758
25 nsXPConnect::Traverse(void*, nsCycleCollectionTraversalCallback&) bug 500103 Tomcat
34 FIXED nsXULDocument::ResumeWalk() bug 519767 tomcat fixed in 3.5.6
37 HostentBlob_WriteNameOrAlias bug 508292 dolske Windows DNS resolver library crash on Turkish domains. In contact with Microsoft.
54 objc_msgSend | CanonIJPDE@0x1531e bug 519451 tomcat printer driver issue; seems fixed by new driver; need to test if new cocoa printing dialogs help this -> Josh think this will fix it, if not there is probably nothing we can do (Tomcat)
56 3RD PARTY {{{1}}}DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19 bug 512040 tomcat trying to repro, but still not crashing
58 nsPluginHostImpl::TrySetUpPluginInstance(char const*, nsIURI*, nsIPluginInstanceOwner*) bug 519752 tomcat not reproducible so far
62 nsBaseWidget::Destroy() bug 507928 jst, jimm Mac-version fixed in; now Windows-only
65 RtlAllocateHeap bug 519340 was in top 25; moved down
66 GoogleDesktopNetwork3.dll@0x3dfb bug 519344 tomcat Google has pushed a update - need to check the crash stats next week if the crashnumber has dropped
74 BLOCKLIST {{{1}}} radhslib.dll@0x3b6f bug 519348 tomcat Sam will blocklist
102 FIXED nsHttpsHandler::GetProtocolFlags(unsigned int*) bug 519729 dolske correlated with ComputerBild magazine; johnath contacted; out of top 100 now; crashes in the last week
xx NPSWF32.dll@0x77bd0 bug 516780 jst Farmtown flash; need to know when Adobe will ship a fix; no longer in top 100 (crashes in the last week)
xx wcslen bug 514592 dolske Divx associated crash, in contact with DivX folks