Breakpad/Status Meetings/2010-May-05

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  • bugs
  • Timeline?
  • Needs to ship on or before May 13
  • Decided: Freeze 5/6, push 5/11


  • bugs
  • Initial freeze date = tomorrow, seems like we might slip.
  • Daniel wants to consider shipping some critical hbase functionality sooner than our likely timeline - dependent on Lars' schedule.
    • HBase indexing / unprocessed CR queues - need to work through performance characteristics
    • CR submission and processing metrics tracking - performance characteristics
    • Processed report storage - Needed so we can import existing jsonz in production
  • KohanaPHP upgrade bug 556828 - 3 is now being touted as stable, but requires serious work to upgrade. I suggest we hold until after 1.7, then try an upgrade to see how much stuff breaks. A lot of changes are in ORM so shouldn't affect us that much (?).
  • Triage - go through bugs, when can we ship?
    • Agreed Freeze 5/13, push 5/27 (both shifted back one week)


Other issues

  • How to make releases cleaner - we had bug 562856 and bug 563364 as issues with 1.6.2. Suggestions:
    • We review the upgrade instructions with IT before a push to make sure everything needed is in there and makes sense.
    • Every component is upgraded to the latest release by default (unless otherwise specified).
    • We work through the upgrade instructions and check them off in the bug as each item is done
    • The team should verify each bug in a release as best they can after the push, before we sign off on it. This will not be possible for all bugs, for example, if there is a cron job issue we won't see it until the next day.
  • Daniel will be documenting Hadoop stuff
  • PRD for 2.0
  • Ensure that we include the stage URL to allow the bug submitter to test the fix in the stage environment.
  • Great to see everyone at the onsite! Please add to my notes from the Socorro:Brownbag_Postmortem