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Triaging mentored and good first bugs


  • One of the goals of rummaging through these bugs is to make sure the list of bugs is current.
  • Another goal is to see if unassigning inactive bugs is helpful, as it may "free" the bug for a new person to work on it.

What we'll do

  • Pick a query - click on it to open up a list of bugs!
  • Sort the query you're looking at by last changed date.
  • Look through the oldest bugs first.
  • Ask assignees or mentors for more info if you need information from them.
  • Make sure that bugs have useful whiteboard tags for the programming language(s) needed, for example, [lang=css][lang=js][lang=xul].
  • Unassign bugs, remove good first bug or mentored tags if responses show that's what's needed.
  • Ask on irc on #bugmasters if you're not sure what to do on a bug!

Clearing older bugs

  • Check bugs that were triaged in the past, and have an open needinfo: [1]
    • For these bugs, if there hasn't been any response from a needinfo, you should ask someone else, either the bug mentor or some other developer on a relevant team.
    • You may want to set the bug assignee back to nobody@mozilla.org, so that a new person can take the bug.

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[good first bug] Bugs not touched since 2013-02-01 ( Bugzilla report )






All open bugs

Current New bugs tagged as [good first bug] with status NEW or REOPENED

The same good first bug report on Bugzilla, where each number is linked to a query.

Current bugs marked with "mentor" field


2013 July:

All bugs changed in July

All [good first bugs] that changed status to resolved in July.