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We are hosting bug days every Tuesday on #bugmasters. Drop by on IRC and you can help manage bugs with us in real time. New contributors very welcome!

If you would like to put some time into bug triaging or filing new bugs, and would like to talk with people about how to do it effectively, this is a good place to start.

If you would like to participate, but etherpad is not accessible for you, please let me know (lhenry@mozilla.com) and I can switch us over to a wiki page or run one in parallel to be merged after the bug day.

Upcoming bug days

  • Tuesdays - Bugmaster triage help on #bugmasters or #testday.

Past bug days

  • Thursday July 18 - SUMO bug day.
  • Thursday June 12 - Thunderbird bugday³ - details TBD
  • Thursday June 6 - SUMO bug day.
    • Does anything about support.mozilla.org bug you? Join the bugmasters and the support team to clean out and prioritize SUMO bugs.
  • Thursday May 30 - Mentored and good first bug triage day.
    • We will make sure all bugs marked mentored or good first bugs are in shape to be worked on by new contributors!
  • April 16 (Join forces with qa)
  • April 9 Website bugs. Great for first time bug triagers.
  • April 2 Bugzilla bug day. Triage on bugs in Bugzilla itself.
  • March 26 (Join with fx-team bug day)
  • March 19 Website bugs. Great for first time bug triagers.
  • March 12 Screen reader and a11y bug day. Screen reader users and other people with particular web accessibility needs are welcome. Hardware reps may also attend. Some of the Mozilla accessibility team may join us in filing new bugs for Firefox (and Thunderbird), triaging, and trying to reproduce existing bugs. There will be bugmaster help in the #bugmasters channel from 8am to 6pm Pacific Daylight Time, UTC-7 (World Clock Times).