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My first thought is that Mitch doesn't actually use Bugzilla very much. On a given morning he might bring up a particular bug report, spend ten minutes reading it to work out what the problem is, and spend the next three days fixing it.

(Remember that particular real-world people you know of may actually be combinations of various personas. So if you say "But hang on, Mozilla project coders use Bugzilla loads!", what you may actually mean is "Mozilla project coders are combinations of the Mitch persona and the Sarah persona".)

Gerv 10:43, 23 June 2006 (PDT)


I have very different problem. I think that Mitch uses Bugzilla all the time (or at least, he should). First, the company will probably want use Bugzilla to track the project progress and request coders to file a bugs for each tasks. It means that he needs to be able to fast-file a bug in 5 seconds and make it descriptive enough so that QA team can evaluate it later. He also needs to use Bugzilla in communication with users who report the bugs. It's very important, that he needs to take a look at the bugs filed against him since his last visit and solve them (by reassigning or taking care of, or marking as wontfix), it's different from the bugs filed against him by his manager, collegues by the worth/not-worth ratio.


We need to distinguish bugs Mitch files for himself from bugs he files for other people. If he is using Bugzilla as a task management system, his bugs will be read by himself, not QA. OK, he may occasionally file a more detailed bug for someone else to fix, but I don't think that's a core task of this persona.

Whether he is communicating with users directly or not is another manifestation of the closed source/open source split. In a closed source situation, customers don't usually get direct access to the bug system. In an open source situation, they do. So when we split the coder persona into a closed source variant (this one) and an open source one (Robert?), we can make that distinction.

In a closed source situation, engineers don't tend to triage their own bugs. Management triages them for them, and assigns them work to do.

Gerv 08:44, 14 July 2006 (PDT)