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Prioritization of CA Root Inclusion Requests will be based on the factors described below and use the P1-P5 Priority categories available in the Bugzilla system with our own categorization for the CA certificate inclusion process.

P1 = High (Applicant has good compliance history and is replacing an already-included CA certificate or is previously approved as a subordinate CA operator)

P2 = Medium High (Applicant is well-prepared and responsive, with a good history of policy compliance)

P3 = Medium (Applicant’s request and responsiveness are “average”, but demonstrates compliance with policies)

P4 = Medium Low (Applicant’s responsiveness and compliance history are “average”)

P5 = Low (Applicant has much work to do, is slow to respond to requests, or has not demonstrated full compliance with policies)

Factors assessed in setting the above-referenced priorities, in order of importance, are:

1 - Alignment with Mozilla Manifesto -

2 - Compliance (Based on the compliance history of existing CA operators, and their responsiveness to issues)

3 - Single-Purpose, Separate Roots (Hierarchies that are separated by root for a particular purpose, e.g. server certificates vs. S/MIME certificates)

4 - Replacing Existing (Existing CA operators that are replacing an already-included root certificate,, or is a previously approved subordinate CA operator who is requesting direct inclusion)

5 - Responsiveness/Complete and Timely (Applicant provides clear, complete, concise and timely responses to questions, comments, or concerns about their root inclusion request)

6 - CA Hierarchy Control (CA hierarchies comprised solely of CAs fully controlled by the applicant)

7 - Completeness (Applicant completes all information in CCADB)

8 - CPS Quality (Initially provided CP/CPS documents and Compliance Self-Assessment fully meet Mozilla’s Root Store Policy and the CAB Forum Baseline Requirements)

9 - Updating Trust Bits or EV-Enablement of Already-Included Root Certificate (Existing CAs that are only requesting EV enablement or adding a trust bit to an already-included root certificate)

10 - Ready (Detailed CP/CPS Review and Compliance Self-Assessment are complete and CA is “Ready for Discussion”)