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OpenSourceCafe - CoS - "Meet Open Source unplugged"

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Contact: "Tomcat"

Overview :

The Idea is to bring OpenSource Projects together in a local region like as example the greater Munich Area and to Connect People that are interested in getting involved into OpenSource.

It should be a way to connect OpenSource Project, to exchange knowledge and to maybe work together on local events.

It should be a model for everyone, so everyone interested can organize such local meetups.

As Prototype and best-practice showcase i will work together as contact person with the OpenOffice Team to organize such an event in the Munich Area.

Name of this Events and Details like Location and Date are still tbd.


Some example steps that this Meetups Require:

  • Blogging/Tweeting/Facebook/Xing Announcements – also maybe on the Munich/opensource lists too
  • Collecting Feedback how many people would be interested
  • Make it clear that's its an open event for everyone and everyone is invited and that's open also for other projects
  • invite LiMUX Project / City of Munich
  • 2 short Talks, maybe introduction of one Mozilla Topic (like 10 minute overview over Mozilla) and the same for openoffice
  • Select a location in Munich (restaurant, or one of the location that florian has suggested).
  • Do IT !

Communication Channels

List of Current Meetups