Calendar:QA Chat:2006-09-21

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Meeting Details


  • Attendees: ctalbert, Bery, celina63, lilmatt, jminta, mikeal, xFallenAngel, ssitter

Meeting Log & Action Items

  • Meeting Log
  • celina63 to post the log
  • celina63 to host next week's meeting in ctalbert's absence
  • ctalbert updated Calendar QA TODO list
  • everyone to update TODO lists with things accomplished
  • everyone to note either [litmus testcase wanted] on bugs which would make good Litmus test cases
  • everyone to create a bug comment like 'litmus testcase 12345 created' on bugs which have had Litmus test cases created from them

Talking Points

Feel free to add your own ideas

  • Assign a notetaker - someone responsible for putting the meeting log up on this wiki page afterward.
  • Put together next week's Calendar To-Do list
  • Need someone to volunteer to run next week's meeting -- celina63 volunteered some time ago -- check with her about that.
  • We can easly complete litmus by copied steps to reproduce from bugzilla into litmus - my suggestion is to add new keyword into bugzilla or specify any for whiteboard like testcase4litmus which will be set by developer if he decide that bug needs tests in future (see also my comment in todo list)