Calendar:QA Chat:2006-09-28

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Meeting Details


  • Attendees: ctalbert, celina63, ssitter

Meeting Log & Action Items

  • Meeting Log
  • celina63 to post the log
  • celina63 to update TODO list and TestDay wiki page for next Tuesday's TestDay
  • ctalbert to work on publicity for TestDay
  • ctalbert to work on Calendar 0.3 release notes
  • everyone to PLEASE look at URGENT TODO list items and update with things accomplished
  • everyone to note either [litmus testcase wanted] on bugs which would make good Litmus test cases
  • everyone to create a bug comment like 'litmus testcase 12345 created' on bugs which have had Litmus test cases created from them
  • everyone to tell everyone else you know about Tuesday's TestDay!

Talking Points

Feel free to add your own ideas