Calendar:QA Chat:2006-10-12

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Meeting Details

Meeting Log

  • Attendees: lilmatt, jminta, ssitter, sebo, Andreas, celina63, Fallen|away, TeringTuby, bbbrowning
  • Meeting Log

Action Items

  • ssitter and ctalbert will put together press links from 0.3 onto the wiki
  • sebo will play with switching the test day wiki to reflect the new day
  • jminta and ctalbert will work on the regression test strategy after next weekend
  • we have a test day on the 17th and we'll need to mobilize for that.

Talking Points

Feel free to add your own ideas

  • Assign a notetaker - someone responsible for putting the meeting log up on this wiki page afterward.
  • 0.3 has shipped!
  • Next week's meeting will be a post-mortem QA on the 0.3 release. (What could we have done better, what did we do well, etc).
  • Next test day will be Tuesday, October 17.
    • What should we focus testing on for Tuesday's test day?
    • Who would like to update the Test Day wiki? (It's largely cut and paste from the previous test day).
    • What hours should the test day run?
  • With a test day every two weeks, we will have one on Halloween day (31st). Clint has some wacky ideas about that, and needs your perspective.
  • Regression tests - is anyone interested in putting one together?
    • jminta has a framework together for a calendar-qa extension which provides a good way to run specific ICS based test cases, particularly if you are hunting down a regression range.
    • We need to search through bugzilla, finding problem ICS data, get those events into a list for any regression strategy we choose.
    • There are some basic XPCShell tests in calendar/test that we can look into extending if we want a more "automatic" regression solution.
  • Put the Calendar QA Todo list together.