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Meeting Details

In Attendance

bienvenu, ctalbert, dmose, garyvdm, lilmatt, jminta, mhovis, muhjiko


Action items from last week

  • dmose has a draft of the status of calendar modules posted
    • will continue work on evolution/scaling this week, as top priority
  • mvl not available to report on camino review process
  • Possible developer meeting: June may be a tough month, will continue poking at this
  • still need to get download numbers (action item: dmose)

Scaling up development processes

As above, dmose is continuing work on this in the coming days

Sunbird 0.3a2 status

  • Main issue is problems arising from daylight savings switch
    • Hopefully implementing a working timezone-picker will solve this
    • lilmatt is already writing this patch

Brainstorming: Mozilla Calendaring

Need to determine our "raison d'etre"

  • dmose: "we want to use the net to make time management and scheduling easier for people"
    • jminta/ctalbert: Are we sure we want to emphasize 'the net' so much?
  • lilmatt: One thing holding us back from true sharing is freebusy/resource stuff
  • dmose: Open standards is definitely an important part of our mission
  • dmose: There already exist good offline-calendar solutions
    • dmose: Instead, there is room for innovation in the sharing/net areas.
  • dmose/jminta: "people can find my events" = "open" and, "i can get events from anywhere" = "free-flowing"
  • scheduling?
  • Going to continue discussion on this and related topics (imaginary users) in the newsgroup

Upcoming priorities

  • backend: Improve handling of foreign ICS files.
  • front-end: Performance (use newly fixed Venkman for profiling)

Code factoring

  • Especially with iTIP/iMIP, need to make sure Lightning (with mail available) and Sunbird (without mail) each handle this nicely
  • Perhaps try to freeze some TB interfaces?
  • Work on abstracting the message-sending bit as cleanly as possible

Next meeting

Same time, next week.