Calendar:Status Meetings:2006-04-20

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Meeting Details

  • Telephone meeting
    • Toll-free (North America): (800) 966-1573
    • Toll-free (Germany): 0080040402020
    • Toll call (elsewhere): +1 (703) 736-7449
  • Conference ID: 894594

In Attendance

dmose, mhovis, jminta, ctalbert, Mike Beltzner, Mike Connor, mvl, lilmatt, garyvdm

Since this was a phone meeting, the meeting log is incomplete. All the quotes are paraphrased statements, and some of the quotes are probably not attributed to the correct people. But, it's a fairly decent record of the conversation.
Meeting Log


  • Calendaring Goals
    • Lower the barrier to entry (ease of use, interoperability)
    • Does what the user needs to
    • Focus on making data unsticky, whether it means expanding back end support or having excellent import/export functionality
    • Drive calendar standards so that they become as ubiquitous/normal/easy to use as email
  • Target (Imaginary) Users
    • Focus on what tasks the users perform, and how to solve those well
    • Focus on the top 5 things each user type will want to do with the calendar software
    • Remember that users have tasks and concerns not related to the software. They use the tool because they need a calendar, not because they like calendaring.
    • Much discussion regarding Outlook/backending exchange, corporate versus non-corporate users. No decision
    • Should not focus on being an Outlook replacement, focus on being a good product
    • Need to keep UI uncluttered, but extensible for users that are using calendar sharing functionality
    • Calendar Sharing (iTIP, iMIP, Freebusy, Publishing support etc) are major functional pieces that must be considered in context of target User Tasks
    • Timezones must be considered in terms of user tasks as well
  • Overall Product Definition
    • General
      • Use the net to make time management and scheduling easier for people
      • Ease of interoperability with other calendaring systems
      • Lots of choice in terms of calendar applications, but little innovation in calendar applications
      • Drive calendar innovation and standards adoption
    • Lightning
      • Defined in combination with Thunderbird?
      • iTIP and iMIP are easier in Lightning
      • Lightning must be defined in terms of the Thunderbird UI, and there may be constraints there
    • Sunbird
      • Address book integration is going to be very difficult (system addrbooks on MAC, using default mail client)
      • iTIP and iMIP infrastructure must be able to take advantage of whatever mail client is on the system
      • Try to keep Sunbird and Lightning as close together as possible and make decisions with regard to user tasks and behavior.