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Meeting Details

Telephone Info

  • Toll free numbers
  • Access Code
    • 3646989
  • Conference controls
    • *6 mute line
    • *7 unmute line
  • Each time you say something, please say your name first so people know who's speaking

Agenda Items


Attendees: Daniel, lilmatt, mickey, ctalbert, philipp, mvl

Congratulations to Daniel for being the new point person for Calendar at Sun.

Matt will keep reviewing patches for Daniel and Sun folks, especially when he's back in NY next week.

Discussion of iTIP patch

Making Attendee lowercase - Joey was asking for a usecase as to why we might want the Case preserved in the email address. We are OK with case preserving the email just as long as we do comparisons in case insensitive manner. Hopefully, Matt will talk with Joey about what Joey wants to do there.

Dan will not allow us to change the parameter that is passed in because he wants to limit side effects of code. One part of this is that we could end up with two attendee ID's because of the email address with MAILTO and without. Matt will take this up with Dan and get a solution.

Changing the Organizer to no longer be an attendee on the event. If we want to change the object and interface model so that Organizer is a different entity than the other entities. We can look at taking this out and making it different from the normal attendee list. The right answer might be to make a calIOrganizer that may or may not inherit from the Attendee list, and we should do some exploratory work on that.

We can start looking at a patch to see how big of a change this would be and proposing a patch prior to going to the Newsgroup. Then we can come to a solution much faster than we usually do.

For the sending of iTIP we will be trying to work with Daniel and the Wcap team so that the invitation manager can be reused for the sending side of iTIP.

We should file follow-ons for iTIP and try to go ahead with getting r2 on the iTIP patch in order to get it in. (an example would be the organizer attendee stuff).


Daniel is hitting issues on printing on linux. Seems he has to keep the dialog open and it allows the printing to occur. He proposed that we make the dialog stay open. We want to only do this on Linux because windows and mac work properly. Daniel will put together a patch where the print button does not dismiss the dialog and the cancel button becomes close. Should be a good workaround and keep us from having to change the Unix code.

Much of this will be fixed when graphics moves to Cairo, and so we don't want to spend a lot of time on it since it is going away.

0.3.1 Status!

  • Got code in for the timezone issues for the test day. We got more testing on it later in the day.
  • We only found one issue bug 363121
    • Also exists on 0.4a1 and 0.3 as well.
    • Probably has something to do with the getDefaultTimezone in calendarUtils.js
    • When setting the preference in the Timezone picker, it sets a preference but does not truly change the preference -- you have to restart the application.
    • The quick and easy solution for this might be to force user to restat the application after the timezone is changed.
    • Matt and Clint will work on this.
  • Appears that all the timezone code is working
  • There is a trade off that Outlook 2000 and 2003 cannot handle VTIMEZONEs with > 2 RRULEs in it. Outlook 2007 will work OK with this. Dan made the decision that in 0.3.1 that it is more important to have Outlook interoperability than to fix this because it will only affect people who are looking at past events and seeing the event as off by an hour.
    • Alarms and things won't go off an hour later or anything because all the affected events are in the past
    • We might be able to handle this by using hard coded dates for the other timezone changes (a la iCal)
    • Matt and Clint will hand-roll an ICS with this, and will try to see if Outlook can handle it.
  • First version of the 0.3.1 release notes are up - go to the 0.3 release notes and add a ".1" to the URL and you should be able to see it. Please give comments on this.
  • Do we want the "quoted timezone" fix for 0.3.1
    • From a QA standpoint we want to take it because it is often reported
    • Matt will go find it and see how big it is.
    • We will take that discussion to IRC
    • We won't take it if it will hold up the release by a week, or if it affects too many other things.

0.5 Status

  • Matt has been working on 0.3.1, but has been working on the iTIP issues for 0.5
    • Also did some other reviews.


  • Dan and Matt have initial buy-in from Mozilla for them to attend the Germany Face to Face meeting.
  • Probably still shoot for end of March
  • We have a number of developers and a ton of QA folks that are there, and so we would be able to bring every one together.
  • Need to be careful about Easter weekend, and avoid that. Easter is the 6th of April.
  • Need to start setting dates and stuff now so that people can get time off work and purchase tickets in advance.


  • Matt and Rob Helmer will work together to make automatic L10N builds on our tinderboxes. :-)