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What is the black bart on the left of "Projet KickOff" event ? How distinguish (visually) the status "Tentative", "Confirmed" or "Canceled" ? (The black bart ... ?)

New UI Buttons

The screenmockups look great!

I just want to remind that the foreward/backward buttons in the calendar view (green arrows in on gray ball) are taken from Qute (default Thunderburd) and not from Winstripe (default Firefox 1.x and Sunbird/Calendar). I may be pedantic, but I thnk the gui design is that great and in such an advanced state, that it is ok zo be pedantic ;-) --Christoph73 04:38, 6 October 2006 (PDT)

Lightning Calendar - Can you adjust time scale?

I was just curious if anyone knows how to adjust time scale on Lightning. Mine defaults to 8am the first time I select on day or week view, however if I then view my email and go back to these views, it defaults to 12am. I would prefer just to set my own parameters (say from 8am-6pm) since I'm not usually using the calendar in the middle of the night.

Maybe this could be an enhancement?