Ccarruitero report December 2011

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Reporter User:Ccarruitero
Date December 2011
Recruits 0
Past Items In the last month we have a last event in CESCA Puente Piedra and a last MozCafe from 2011.

In the event, I had a talk about Firefox and Mozilla: "Firefox Next y otras iniciativas de Mozilla". This event was a small event for an Institute (for students from there). We try to teach a little about mozilla, firefox, FLOSS and an introduction of new standard HTML5. Were about 20 people.

In the last MozCafe, we talked about community plans for next year, how the redesign of the website, is still in sketches but we hope to finish soon and perhaps to contribute something to the draft MCS, wich I'm following your progress.

Next Items In January we hope integrate the community with others communities in Perú. We have some plans about events for 2012, relacioned with FLOSS and Web, we hope to start organizing in January.

And we will start the Firefox-Quechua project, it's a localization from Firefox to Quechua (native language from Perú) The first goal it's create a version usable of Firefox, not a total localization. Maybe in the future we get a total localization, but not now because require more time and resources.