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Stuff relating to persistent networks in ChatZilla, not including UI - Bug 27807.

The initial contents of this page are entirely my first thoughts on the subject, and are completely up for discussion. - Robert Marshall 13:47, 8 Mar 2006 (PST)


  • Allow user to create/delete their own networks, and manage servers.
  • Allow user to modify servers on the built-in networks.
  • Allow us to update built-in networks if the user hasn't edited them.
  • Don't get confused if a connected server is modified/removed.
  • Don't let the user delete a network if they're connected.


  • Allow user to reset their changes to built-in networks.
  • Allow user to delete built-in networks.
  • Allow user to rename networks.
  • Allow user to make temporary network persistent.
  • Remove prefs when a network is deleted.
  • Import and export.


  • On startup (initNetworks), load the built-in networks (from the current method of hard-coded calls to addNetwork, or a file in chrome:), then the user's networks from a file in the profile. Keep track of which networks came from where.
  • Either keep the data source around and modify it as network changes are made, or rebuild it from client.networks each time.
  • Save back to the file when necessary.


  • TextSerializer
    • Already tested and used in ChatZilla.
    • No Gecko version issues.
    • Simple.
    • Reasonable APIs.
    • Possibly useful if the UI uses XUL templates.
    • Both code and the saved file can end up overly verbose and hard to read.
  • "Just" XML
    • Easier to read than RDF.
    • Might be hard to parse.
  • mIRC servers.ini
    • Widely used, but not guaranteed stable.
    • Quite hard to read.
    • Not extensible.