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This page is a placeholder for ChatZilla development discussions.

Upcoming Work

Topic Status Owner Bug(s)
Message Filtering draft In progress Hannibal bug 252848
New website design and planning Infrastructure work Silver
Persistent user networks (backend) In progress Silver bug 239080, bug 27807
Multiple Windows Groundwork being done Silver bug 76175
Line Marker Patch (needs updating) Silver bug 112325

General Topics

Completed Changes

Topic Status Owner Bug(s)
Menu specification Completed Hannibal bug 291105
Message Collapsing information Completed Hannibal bug 134814
More flexible/consistent timestamps Completed tH bug 318422


1. Use this wiki more. 2. Build a version of Chatzilla to work in Thunderbird. This seems logical, given other chat protocols are being installed. This can be done with less than 5 lines of code. We might want to integrate idea #1 into this as well.


1. Configure Chatzilla to run as a tab. Bug #3 for this in the FAQ "Clicking web links in the chat area will usually replace ChatZilla with the webpage. If you try to open the link in a new tab or window (either from the context menu or using a modifier key)." Can be fixed with simple CSS code to configure all links to open in a new tab within the Chatzilla tab. This might fix Bug #2. The context menu bug is fixable, but requires a bunch of busywork. Bug #4 is fixable. No clue on bug #5. 2. Build a Camino version.