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User Mistakes Made in ChatZilla

This page is for listing all the common (and some not-so-common) problems normal users encounter, especially those which could be handled either silently or otherwise by ChatZilla.

Malformed aliases

Unlike with the /alias command, when using the pref panel, aliases must be entered with an = sign between the alias name and the command(s). The /alias command currently can't edit malformed aliases, or create new aliases when a malformed one exists. - Robert Marshall 09:34, 6 Nov 2005 (PST)

Bad click prefs

If is set to a non-existant command, ChatZilla's handling of links fails and the events pass to a default handler that doesn't understand x-cz-command:. - Robert Marshall 09:34, 6 Nov 2005 (PST)


I think the right solution here is to change onMessageViewClick in handlers.js to never let the click proceed normally, and just display an error if the command didn't work. --JamesRoss 09:41, 6 Nov 2005 (PST)

Hiding Join/Parts to a Channel

The conference.limit preference determines the display of Joins and Parts to a channel. The preference can be changed on a global, per-network, or per-channel basis depending upon which preference command is used to change the preference. (see the Chatzilla FAQ's entry on Preferences)

The command to change the preference globally is of the form: /pref conference.limit <number>, where there are distinct behaviors when using 0, 1, or any other number as <number>.

  • /pref conference.limit 0 This always shows Joins and Parts.
  • /pref conference.limit 1 This always hides Joins and Parts.
  • /pref conference.limit 50 (or any number other than 0 and 1) This shows Joins and Parts UNLESS a channel has a number of users matching or exceeding the limit (i.e. 50).

The default (found in chatzilla.jar/content/chatzilla/prefs.js) is 50.

All preferences persist across sessions by saving into your profile's prefs.js file as: user_pref("extensions.irc.conference.limit", <number>);

For more fine-tuned control over specific channels and networks, you can use the /network-pref and /channel-pref commands to override the global /pref inheritance.

Path prefs

Local Path or URL
profilePath motif.current
logFileName logFolder (space-separated list of URLs/"beep")

When specifying a local file, user sometimes end up using the wrong type of path, (on Windows) the wrong type of slash, or (in file URL) spaces instead of %20. At least in the motif case, this causes a silent failure.

The ideal solution we should aim for is to show all items as local paths in the prefs window, and provide appropriate browse dialogs. Internal storage is less important, but we might want to look at the persistentDescriptor thingy, although it probably sucks. --JamesRoss 07:24, 11 May 2006 (PDT)