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Version Control

I'd really like as much of the site as possible to be under some revision control system, be it CVS, SVN or whatever. However, the question really is where to host it? We could continue using CVS and, or some other setup. I'd really like to have the repository be on a separate host to the website, though, but I'm open to ideas. [Silver]

Top-level Layout

  • /
  • /users
  • /users/faq
  • /users/help
  • /users/motifs
  • /users/scripts
  • /users/revisions
  • /developers
  • /developers/plugins
  • /developers/api


  • News about latest changes?
  • Download link clearly visible.
  • Clearly visible link to help/FAQ area.
  • Version history/older versions linked.



  • Quick questions and answers. Full details always linked to the Help section.


  • Detailed help for anything we can think of.
  • Including help for every command and menu item.
  • Completely cross-linked between commands, menus, and anything else.
  • Help for mIRC/X-Chat users (terminology, commands, keyboard shortcuts, etc.).


  • Must have preview.


  • All scripts must be safe for users, include decent error handling, and preferably use plugin API v1.

Revision History

  • Version, date and changes for each release.
  • Download links - maybe?


  • Plugin dev docs
  • Client dev docs
  • tH's Bugzilla status thing (if he allows us to have that here)
  • Nightlies
  • List of developers working on it [ GijsKruitbosch 12:50, 1 Mar 2006 (PST) ]


  • Documentation of the plugin API and what scripts can/can't and should/shouldn't do
  • Sample code and scripts


  • Document all the objects within ChatZilla, including:
    • Methods
    • Properties
    • Normal use, for appropriate ones