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This page is to track tips and tricks for a better user experience with ChatZilla for XUL Runner.

Unofficial XUL Runner Build

The easiest way to get ChatZilla up and running with XUL Runner is to download the unofficial XUL Runner build, which can be found at

Migrating from an existing Profile

If you have been using ChatZilla as part of a different host application (Firefox, Seamonkey, Songbird et al), and you wish to retain your settings when migrating to XUL Runner, you will need to copy the "chatzilla" folder from your old profile into the new one, and also any entries from the prefs.js that begin "extensions.irc." into the prefs.js for the XULRunner profile

TODO: explain this better

Installing a Dictionary

  1. Download the .xpi from the Dictionaries & Language Packs section of AMO
  2. Extract the install.rdf file from the .xpi
  3. Add a toolkit section to the dictionary. e.g.:
    although you'll have to make sure the min & max numbers would accept the version of XULRunner you are using.
  4. Copy install.rdf back into the .xpi
  5. In ChatZilla > Add-ons, click the Install... button and select the .xpi
  6. Close ChatZilla
  7. Edit prefs.js in your ChatZilla profile and change the spellchecker.dictionary setting to the locale of your dictionary
  8. Start ChatZilla