Clauber.halic report February 2012

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Reporter User:Clauber.halic
Date February 2012
Recruits 0
Past Items - Updated the spreadsheets about people invited to MozCamp LATAM

- Updated the brazilian community social networks
- Skype Meeting with Reuben Morais ( and Luca Toledo ( about some brazilian community activities plans on MozCamp LATAM
- Help with translation revision about the Firefox Flick to brazilian portuguese

Next Items - Help with blog post (and the information spread in the brasilian community social media links) about a crash problem related with an Addons made by one of the most popular banks in Brazil called "Banco do Brasil"

- Workshop about "How to Develop a Firefox Add-on using the Add-ons SDK" at Campus Party Brazil 2012 - Mozilla meeting about the "Mozilla Marketing Collective Project" in London - Mozilla meeting about the MozCamp Latam (February 15th) - Brazilian meeting with Nobox about the results of the Campus Party Brazil 2012