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Mozilla Community IT Ops is a community of talented, volunteer Systems Administrators who devote their time and effort into supporting and managing community-based system infrastructure that support the Mozilla Project, while also learning and upgrading their skill sets in the progress.

Community is the backbone of the Mozilla Project.

Who we are
We are a global pack of Sysadmins that support the Mozilla Community. Most importantly, we mentor & teach others with practical technical skills in hosting and running production websites and services, configuration management (puppet/chef), monitoring/alerting & on-call pager. We showcase how to run the best of the best IT/Operations. We are open & transparent. We are a force multiplier, empowering the Community to promote Mozilla's Mission & Manifesto.

Current Projects

Old/Abandoned Projects

Relationship to Participation Infrastructure

  • We work with them to provide community hosting
  • They provide our infrastructure
  • Collaborate on projects to help improve participation tools for community

Team members


These are the people who have previously contributed to Community Ops in it's past forms.

Where to Find Us

Meeting Notes