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Mozilla Community Volunteer Sysadmins

Ever wonder what it's like to manage Mozilla's server infrastructure? Are ones and zeros constantly flying through your head? Take your involvement with Mozilla to the next level! Do what we do as systems admins and sit behind the scenes of one of the biggest entities in the world and keep the lights on.

A a part of the Mozilla Reps program, Community Sysadmins will help Mozilla's IT/Infrastructure & Ops team manage and support the infrastructure behind Firefox. You'll help us build out new systems and push out new websites. You'll help work on our bug queue and help with pager duty.

Benefits of Being a Community Sysadmin Reps

  • Experience managing a live production site at a fairly large & unique scale
  • Experience handling "oncall" in a production environment

The Community Sysadmin Reps Program Structure

Interested? Look at the following Community Sysadmin positions:

  • Community Mirror Admin (TBD)
    • ~2 hours/week general maintenance (adding/removing mirrors, changing mirror weights)
    • participation in #mirrors during Firefox releases
  • Community Sysadmin (TBD)
    • flexible time commitment
    • assist in website deployments
  • Community Oncall Sysadmin (TBD)
    • ~1-5 hours/week, flexible
    • you'll augment the existing Oncall team and carry pager duty for as long as you're willing to be in the hot seat.
  • Community Bug Triage Sysadmin (TBD)
    • ~1-5 hours/week
    • assist in triaging unassigned IT bugs
    • possibly fix "low hanging fruit" like LDAP account creation, commit access levels

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