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Scribed by Mike

Symantec Distrust Fallout (denschub)

Bug 1434300 landed in Nightly, which has known fallout (see bug 1436062). How do we deal with those issues?

While I can reproduce this issue, it is not a webcompat issue. Starting October, SSL certificates signed or affiliated with the Symantec Key infrastructure will be distrusted in both Firefox and Chrome. See [this blog post]( for a summary of the timeline and the reasoning behind this decision, as well as [bug 1409257]( for all of the changes in Firefox. 

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this issue on our side. Symantec and their partners should have been in contact with customers affected by this, but feel free to reach directly to the site owners. Closing this issue as 'non-compat'."

  • dennis: In Chrome Canary and Fx Nightly, we're already implementing this distrust mechanism. Just wanted to check what everyone's opinion is. I see there are some opinions in the etherpad.
  • mike: I spoke with JC Jones and they said we shouldn't need to do anything. Sites were contacted by Symantec and Mozilla/Chrome Security teams. Chrome will ship before us, so hopefully this will help us out.
  • karl: checker by symantec saying that March 15 is the date for Chrome.

Outreachy Round (miketaylr)

Adam and I are going to co-mentor an Outreachy intern around building dashboards for metrics. Be on the lookout for new people in IRC and be friendly as usual. :)

  • (Note: for the contribution, I've directed them to the extensions repo, to keep refactor work moving along without delays)
  • mike: I will co-mentor an outreachy around metrics. To not create a lot of noise in the webcompat repo, I will redirect them in the web-extension repo. New people will be around. Let's be welcoming as usual.

Marfeel site testing (sergiu)

Both and are served in different versions in Nightly than in Chrome. See or

  • sergiu: Some of the differences are very interesting, but we get mobile layouts, but not the same as Chrome Mobile.
  • oana: Different colors, different interactions, different sized images.
  • karl: Maybe it's not working yet, these sound like existing Marfeel bugs.
  • sergiu: Once the plugin kicks in, should it stay on while you're on the site?
  • karl: It rewrites the content on the fly.
  • oana: We can find it in the web inspector?
  • karl: If you search for Marfeel bugs, you can find the link to the script. Or search in the inspector.
  • sergiu: It's strange, I cleared the Nightly's data. At first it gave me the same site, but then I ended up on another type of site.
  • tom: When it's working, the browser console will have a big Marfeel console.
  • oana: I notice I don't see the message in Firefox for Android.
  • sergiu: Should we stop only on these 2 sites?

Improving Triage (sergiu)

sergiu saw that @haseeb was doing a fair amount of triage. Had a chat with him about including the environment in his triage work, as he was only confirming or refuting the issue. He was ok with it.

  • ola: <3

Diagnosis ropes (tom)

Team mission (mike)

  • mike: after the mngt meeting last week, I was asked what was the Team mission. I replied that it was partly on the wiki. but I think we could work on it together as a Team.
  • ACTION: mike to draft a mission statement about Web Compatibility - 2018-03-14

Two Minutes ( 🐝 )

This is the summary of what you have done during the week. Feel free to add your own 2 minutes. Keep it short. Feel free to add your name if you think you need to share something.

  • Adam: Outreach, blog post for Snippets (not released), Toronto office meetings, metrics
  • Dennis: communications around landing GoFaster v2, working on an easier setup for Fennec site debugging with intercepting JS
  • Karl: A lot of diagnosis. Some coding for automating add-to-changelog. And finish the triage dashboard.
  • Guillaume: (writing patches for
  • Mike: Engineering Management offsite in Toronto. Fixing lots of broken tests.
  • Ola: PRs (reviews + code), mentoring new contributors.First round of fixes deployed.
  • Oana: Triaged and diagnosed issues. Performed some moz-regression on a few sites.
  • Sergiu: Triaged and diagnosed issues.
  • Thomas: work on Tripwire addon, also some gecko bug work and fallout.

PTO / Travel ( 🐝 )

  • Ola: 28.2. - 5.3. Salzburg @, PTO by end of March (one week)
  • Dennis: 15.3. - 19.3. Paris for a MDN hackathon weekend. PTO on 19.+20.
  • Karl: 2018-03-01 to 2018-03-09. PTO
  • Mike: 2018-03-09 to 2018-03-14. PTO