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Connected Devices is a group at Mozilla working on connected devices and the Internet of Things.


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The Internet is growing rapidly to include a large network of devices in homes, cities, and other public and private spaces.

Our vision for 2020 is that these connected devices will be an integral part of modern life and that Mozilla will be a trusted and influential force shaping this new Internet of Things.


Our mission for 2020 is to influence the design of the devices and protocols that make up the Internet of Things to ensure that they embody the values enumerated by the Mozilla manifesto, including openness, accessibility, decentralization, interoperability, security, privacy and individual empowerment.


To achieve this mission, we will:

  1. Build internet-connected devices that empower individuals, enrich their lives, and magnify the public benefit of the internet;
  2. Leverage our experience building devices to develop an open-source platform for the Internet of Things that promotes security, privacy, decentralization, interoperability, accessibility and openness; and
  3. Engage commercial partners to bring our products to market and to drive widespread adoption of our platform.

Current Projects

Here are a few of the projects making their way through our product innovation process, with many more in the pipeline:

  • Project SensorWeb - Your own crowdsourced, real-time and hyper-local PM2.5 air quality monitoring system.
  • Project Lighthouse - A product for people with visual impairment to have equal access to everyday things and lead a more independent and fulfilling lifestyle.
  • Project Magnet - Your own, personal user agent for the content that is around you.
  • Connected Devices Platform

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Find out who the Connected Devices User Experience team is and what they are working on.

Weekly Meetings

  • Every Thursday @ 10:30am Pacific Time (18:00 BST)
  • to watch and listen
  • join #CDTeam for backchannel discussion

Meeting notes and more information here.