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Core team weekly meeting
Date & Time: Monday 8 September 2014 @ 5pm UTC
Location: CBT vidyo room (
Dial In: +1 800 707 2533, pin 369, conf 9634# 
Moderator: David
Last agenda + notes:
Parking lot:



  • 1:1s for this week
    • Check in on Q3 goal progress

  • Communications
    • What we'll share with the project this week

    • What we'll share with executives this week
      • Mary Ellen buy in on Executive summary to Top Line goals impact
    • What will we share with managers and directors this week

  • Upcoming visitors to team meeting
    • Amie -- date TBD -- to join to talk about onboarding work she's doing and she how we can get core contributors plugged in
    • Gerv -- date TBD -- to join to talk about a governance project he is interested in focusing on

  • Budget
    • Still no update from Finance on actuals -- will share when I've learned more.

  • Strategy Lens
    • Ongoing Tiger Team discussions (more below)

  • PTO/Travel
    • Michelle PTO 12-19th in Hawaii.  Really really really not working.  Will ask for backup on Open Standard stuff

  • Mozilla Wiki OPW intern Joelle presented her finding on the user survey:

  • Mozilla WIki upgrade to version 1.23.3 is now complete:
    • no major issues report


In 2 minutes, answer the questions: 

  • What did I accomplish last week?
  • What will I do this week?
  • What problems I am solving for this week / What obstacles are impeding my progress?

  • William
    • Last week: 
    • This week: 
      • Draft contribution challenge for Post Fx OS launch in-market presence with Mitchell/Li/Brian
      • Draft community events 6-month roadmap with Francisco 
      • Attend ReMo Camp in Berlin
    • I'd love your ideas of how community events (coordinated by Francisco) that could directly support your contribution challenges
  • Pierros
  • Larissa
    • What did I accomplish last week?
      • major agreements and progress on Get Involved back end - front end sync
      • content nearly final for autoresponders - including eliminating some of the "dead" ones and adding new ones (see:)
      • Set up to start attending fx growth team standups for a bit
      • got contract for Emma to work on guides/mentoring/contribution challenge project coordination
      • privacy and policy teams got set/approved to launch at MozFest - major content evolution going on
      • Attended Unconscious Bias workshop
      • Researched the Polaris browser project - Chris asking for community involvement but plans and direction are complex
    • What will I do this week?
      • finalize back end of get involved content and flow and start moving it into exact target
      • attended first growth standup today
      • exact target training
      • Further work for privacy and policy contribution launch - public docs, badges, TACMA legal issues 
    • Problems
      • lack of clarity on Polaris browser roadmap/ownership
      • TACMA legal delays 
      • need a few more pieces of autoresponder content for get involved
  • Michelle
    • What did I accomplish last week?
      • Launched first wave of Beta community Get Involved Tiles
      • Helped Anthony design initial contribution path for Open Standard - yay!
      • Recognition Activities-- Blog post
      • First pass at Executive slide template
    • What will I do this week?
      • Get components of Open Standard submission process created and in place in advance of 15th launch
      • Work with Tiles team for second wave launch of localized get involved tiles-- Chofmann appears to be blocking, need more info here
      • QA community goal creation for Q4
      • Finalize Executive slide template with team and Mary Ellen
    • What problems I am solving for this week / What obstacles are impeding my progress?
      • Not enough time
      • Solving for Tiles suggestions/submissions in local areas from community, I need some insight on how to best do that
      • Figure out what l10n holdup is for Tiles
  • Christie
    • Last week:
    • This week's plan:
      • Catch up on Wiki documentation
      • Draft contribution challenge
      • WWG & Education meetings + roadmap work
      • baloo conv points for wiki
      • webdev partnership mtg (socorro? some part of web engineering)
      • mt with jen b to talk about stuff
      • work on moz fest pres with jennie +1

  • Jennie
  • Sean
    • Meeting with Chris Lee (Firefox OS) to plan User Experience Research
    • my intern presentation is this Thursday at 1:30p PST
    • starting to dig into Discourse as pathway from Get Involved, maybe with Emma (Discourse group is having a meetup soon)
  • David
    • Tiger Team wrangling, ironing out Get Involved bucketing, sorting through hand-off and talking to Brian and Mary Ellen about a unified tools approach across CBT and Contributor Engagement


  • Acknowledgements
    • Who do you want to recognize within our team?
      • William Q.
      • Christie and Jennie for awesome Wiki-ness
      • Pierros and Christie for standups work
      • David, Sean, Jennie for Get Involved work
    • Who do you want to recognize outside of our team with a community building superstar badge
  • Debrief and take-aways of Unconscious Bias training
    • attendees: Larissa, Michelle, Sean
    • value in getting global teems to work together, multicultural understandings
    • shows us how we process information about other people so we can be more aware of what is influencing our decisions/opinions
    • this was beta 2 of the workshop: too much material in time span,  take-aways were not solid enough
    • Are there any written notes? - don't think so, just a physical workbook

  • Tiger Team discussions
    • Thoughts or questions around new goal, objectives and 3-pronged approach (Tiger Team, actions, dialogue) detailed at:
    • Next steps with challenges
      • Mary Ellen picking 3-5 challenges later today to take to RemoCamp this weekend.  The short-list of challenge ideas she is considering is at the bottom of this pad:
      • Going through these challenge ideas with her helped me understand the scope of the challenge idea -- the focus is on short-term contribution opportunities that would benefit from increased attention and from rallying the project behind it.
        • So there is a lot we're doing that doesn't fall into that:
          • Location services didn't fit here because they don't have a need to fix -- the experimenting we did in Q2 showed the right model and now we need to scale that up.  There is no 'challenge' here in the way that there is a challenge with increasing desktop marketshare where the answer of how to do that isn't clear.
          • The Open Standard Initiative didn't fit here because Anthony's need is relatively small.  He is asking for 20 beta bloggers, but rallying the whole project around this would bring him more contributors than he needs right now.

  • Team dynamics
  • Reorg affects on partnerships
    • do recent reorgs affect our partnerships? how?

  • Webdev community building around community tools? (need to talk about this as a group)
    • mozilians
    • badges
    • reps
    • other?
    • in terms of who drives these projects, what is the line between systems & data and other areas of CBT?

Action items and notes