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"Are we a million yet?" is the codename for the unified Contributors Dashboard page for both Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corporation projects. We are counting towards our goal for 20.000 active contributors by the end of 2014. This is part of the longer term goal of engaging a million Mozillians.


The scope of this project is to create a front-end dashboard displaying the current number of active contributors across different teams, and in total within Mozilla. Individual teams are responsible for "active contributors" definitions as described in Conversion points page


This dashboard is a work in progress. Think of it as a large jpeg progressively downloading on a dial-up modem. This is not the whole picture, but this partial data is already giving us information.

Which repos are yours?

In order to build the team dashboards, we need to associate the 1000+ github repositories we have with our teams. If you can help, feel free to add your team here and submit a pull-request, or contact Pierros.

Related projects

Areweamillionyet, is where we are combining these two existing pieces of work:

Adding a new team/area

We are focusing on getting some initial data in and automating the counts. Ultimately all data for ease of access and deduplication will be coming from Baloo. Contact Adam and Pierros on more info on how your area can be added.



  • Week of 9th June - Dashboard going live with real github data of sample teams
  • Week of 16th June - Additional data from Baloo (QA and SUMO)
  • Week of 23th June - More Baloo data (Reps, Coding) and MoFo are added
  • Week of 30th June - More Baloo data (MDN)
End of Q2
By the end of Q2 dashboard will show static exported data from hand picked sources.


See Baloo Tracking page for Q3 status


You can contribute by opening issues, forking and pull requesting our code:


If you have any questions, suggestions, ideas please contact the owners of the project:

  • Adam Lofting (Mozilla Foundation)
  • Pierros Papadeas (Mozilla Corporation)