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MoFo Dashboard Status

Our Interim dashboard was built in particular way to give us the quickest possible visibility into how many people are contributing to our work and to see if there are trends (e.g. growth). It has known limitations and for the full background on why we were working this way you can see the planning document.

Right now, the total number on this dashboard is TOO BIG and TOO SMALL

  1. It is too small because it doesn't yet include all of our data sources
  2. It is too big because contributors across our many data sources are not yet de-duped

We are working on both of these issues

  1. By integrating one remaining data sources to our Interim dashboard
  2. Then, to de-dupe contributors across types of activity and across teams we will be integrating our data sources into project Baloo
    • This blog post will tell you more about the transition from our interim solution, to the fully integrated solution.

Data sources:

Datasource Team(s) Activity types 2013 Estimated Count* On Interim? In Baloo? On Areweamillion?
BSD Cross-team Mozfest Volunteers, Speakers and Participants 958 Done
Github Webmaker, Badges, OpenNews, Science Lab, Appmaker Submitting code and issues 215 Done Commits done, needs issues
Ad-hoc Contribution Logger All teams (+ for MoCo use) Things without a digitial footprint, or their own 'automatable' system. E.g. Participate in face-to-face user testing, present on a community call, writing valuable content (e.g. guest blog post), partners with 1:1 relationship with staff, ~1,000 Done
Transifex Webmaker, Appmaker Translation 583 Done OpenNews Content contribution, and participation in projects 50 Done
Make This Then That Webmaker Hosting an event 213 Done
Make This Then That Webmaker Submitting web literacy resources new Bug
Bugzilla Webmaker, Engagement, Metrics Filing bugs 100 Done Done
SUMO Webmaker Writing documentation, and support <10 Wont-fix Done
Badgekit Webmaker Mentors (and super mentors) 940 Done
Science Lab Admin DB Science Lab Volunteer teachers (instructors), event volunteers ~400 (might end up in adhoc) Done

*This was an estimation exercise done by MoFo teams at the beginning of the year. But until we wire up the live data-sources this could be over or under. It is used for prioritizing which integrations we work on next.

TBC: New types of contribution, not currently counted

Datasource Team(s) Activity types 2013 Estimated Count* On Interim? In Baloo? On Areweamillion?
Make This Then That Webmaker Curate resources on new Bug
Make This Then That Webmaker QA resources on new Bug
Make This Then That Webmaker Create a valuable content (e.g. a resource on that gets [lots of] likes, remixes or featured) new Bug
Make This Then That Webmaker Contribute a localized resource to new Bug
TBC Webmaker Building Appmaker Components new tbc
Badgekit Webmaker Mentors issuing web literacy badges (these will not be new contributors, it's ongoing action by the mentors badged in the item above) new tbc

Joining up with MoCo

The MoCo and MoFo work to count contributors is now being combined