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This page lists contribution engagement points specific to core engineering, active and otherwise, across Mozilla.


Including mailing lists, twitter and other places we actively solicit contributor engagement and highlight contribution opportunities. Where they are, who owns them, how their effectiveness is measured.


  • About:Mozilla
  • The Apps newsletter
    • Owner: Havi Hoffman (
    • Frequency: Monthly
    • Metrics: mzl.lz usage, subscribed audience size.



  • The @firefox twitter account.
    • Owner: Matt Thompson (
    • Update Frequency: Semi-daily.
    • URL:
    • Metrics: usage.
  • The @codefirefox twitter account.
    • Owner: Brian Bondy (
    • Update Frequency: Periodic.
    • URL:
    • Metrics: usage. tied into Mozilla GA.


Sites or forums we use to discuss the day-to-day business of building a a better Web, and where new contributors periodically appear.

Mailing lists

  • Planet Mozilla
    • Owner: Module Peers include Robert Accettura, Mike Hoye, Reed Loden
    • Frequency: Firehose
    • Metrics: TBD?
    • URL:
  • Other
    • We have /lots/ of mailing lists oriented towards developers, but those that aren't oriented towards webdev rather than core appear to be largely moribund.


Sites or forums that users intended to be found easily, that direct users to other engagement funnels.


  • Ask.Mozilla.Org
    • Owner: Taras Glek
    • Admins: Taras Glek, Mike Hoye (Others?)
    • Metrics: TBD
    • URL:
  • Stack Overflow Firefox and Mozilla keywords