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What are the categories that will create meaningful project pages that design for participation?

Question we are trying to answer: How can I get involved in a project/team, or how I can stay informed about the progress of a project/team.

Every project needs to provide

  • An explanation of meeting times, channels, phone numbers, etc
  • Listing of informal communication channels (like IRC/IM, other types of chat)
  • Places where decisions are documented
  • Channels for decision making, where do they make decisions?
  • Where do they have asynchronous discussions (eg. mailing lists, forums)
  • Where are they tracking bugs? Where can people file bugs?
  • Where is the roadmap/project plan/time line/backlog/?
  • How to contact the team if team meetings are happening outside of my time zone.
  • A list of participants in the project, with responsible and accountable roles (with explanation: only high profile roles not everyone)
  • A list of (or a link to) publicly accessible meeting notes
  • Where can people see what's being worked on right now?

Who should we be addressing?

Mid level teams (mostly people who report to VPs), and let them give us their projects with those details. Example: instead of asking the platform team within SUMO or the large Engagement team, we would ask the head of SUMO to give us the projects they are working on and the details we need for them.

Pilot Cases

First iteration

  • David Boswell
  • Dino Anderson

Second iteration

  • David Tenser

Third iteration

  • Asa Dotzler
  • Darren Herman

People to get in touch with in the future

Mostly people who are reporting to VPs

  • David Boswell
  • Will Clouser
  • Bertrand Nevoux
  • Stormy Peters
  • Tony Santos
  • Bill Walker
  • Karen Ward
  • Frederic Wenzel
  • Mike Lee
  • Maire Revy
  • Paul Theriault
  • Gregor Wagner
  • Asa Dotzler
  • Chris Lee
  • Lucas Adamski
  • Faramarz Rashed
  • Azita Rashed
  • Eric Resorla
  • Vladimir Vuklevec
  • Ian Bicking
  • Yvan Boily
  • Toby Elliott
  • Christopher Karlof
  • Ryan Kelly
  • Tarek Ziade
  • Taras Glek
  • Sheila Mooney
  • Johnny Stenback
  • Clint Talbert
  • Laura Thomson
  • Douglas Turner
  • Jet Villegas
  • Pedro Alves
  • Melissa O'Connor
  • Sean Rich
  • Corey Shields
  • Joe Stevensen
  • Albert Villarde
  • Jinghua Zhang
  • Sean Bohan
  • Darren Herman
  • Dave Camp
  • Madhava Enros
  • Mark Finkle
  • Chris Hofmann
  • Ed Lee
  • Karen Rudnitski
  • Gavin Sharp
  • Benjamin Smedberg
  • Robert Strong
  • Chad Weiner
  • John Bernard
  • Mary Colvig
  • Barbara Hueppe
  • Erica Jostedt
  • Mike Manning
  • Mary Ellen Muckerman
  • Tristan Nitot
  • Eric Petit