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Community builders from across the project, both paid staff and volunteers, will meet for 5 days in Portland from December 1-5 as part of the Coincidental Work Week.

The purpose of this work week is to collaborate with teams across Mozilla (who will just happen to be having work weeks at the same time in the same area) and the community builders for functional and regional areas in order to fill out details in the 2015 strategic plan for participation.


The bulk of our work week will be focused on breaking out into smaller to dive into the details of each of the key initiatives in the 2015 plan. The breakouts and breakout leads are below. Each link below goes to an etherpad for that breakout where deliverables will be tracked.


Monday will be a travel day and we will look at setting up informal meeting opportunities for people who arrive early.

Tuesday and Wednesday will focus on joining other teams' work weeks to help them with their community building plans and to learn more about what they need from us.

Thursday and Friday will focus on working together as a group to share about what our partners need and to create a plan for how to address those needs in 2015.


See the full list of participants here.


See the full schedule of the event.


Stay informed about all the practicalities.

Remote Participation

For those of you that unfortunately cannot join us, we will have more information here about how to participate remotely.


On a more general note we will be using #cbt extensively so join us for any questions you have.


During the meetup it is expected to heavily tweet, take pics, post on all social networks etc :) Please use #cbt2014 for all of those! (we will be doing mashups after the event, so bring on those pics!)