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The purpose of this meetup was to get people involved with community building at Mozilla together to see how we can leverage the work we're all doing and how we can create common infrastructure that will help everyone bring more people in to our projects.


  • In Warsaw: David Boswell, William Quiviger, Gen Kanai, Pierros Papadeas, Giorgos Logiotatidis, Rosana Ardila, Madalina Ana, Arky, Margaret Leibovic, Josh Matthews, Ali Spivak, Amy Tsay, Brian King
  • Remote: Rachel Zhang, Natasha Ma, Bob Chao

Cbt warsaw 2012.jpg

Working Documents

Most of the meetup was structured as a way to collaborate on a number of working documents about a number of relevant issues.


Proposed mission of Community Building Team:

The Mozilla Community Building Team is a worldwide task force of community leaders dedicated to fostering healthier, stronger and more sustainable communities for the Mozilla project.



Proposed structure of Community Building Team:

Mozilla community leaders are scattered across the globe and embedded in various functional and regional areas. As we grow, it is vital that we establish project-wide programs, standards and measures to ensure our communities continue to thrive. The Community Building Team is being started as a virtual collaboration where people from various teams are embedded together to drive strategies around our shared mission.


Proposed communication channels:

  • IRC: irc://
  • Team email: community-building at mozilla dot org
  • Forums: No new forum -- instead we'll use existing forums as appropriate (Reps, Mozillians, project-specific forums, etc)
  • In person meetings: Convene at least once a quarter, preferably coinciding with a MozCamp or other Mozilla community event. Around MozCamp Asia in Q4 and maybe SxSW in early 2013.
  • Virtual meetings: Meet monthly -- schedule can be ad hoc now and more regular in 2013


Proposed generic community builder job description that can be adapted for use in specific functional, regional or product areas.


Brainstorming exercise about useful skills for community builders to have and for items to put in a welcome kit for new community builders:


Notes about paths discussion captured at bottom of main etherpad for meetup:


Brainstorming exercise about useful community metrics to track in general and for specific areas:


Notes about systems discussion captured at bottom of main etherpad for meetup:


Proposed set of high-level goals for Q4 2012 and 2013:

  • Create a unified contribution tracking system
  • Create a brain trust of education resources to develop community-building leadership and literacy across the organization
  • Identify challenges and develop action plans for potential, new, and veteran communities
  • Formalize how the Community Building Team will work as part of Mozilla's community building plan

Next Steps

  • Gather the current notes and documents from this meetup and package them into a vision of team that each community builder can use to evangelize the importance of this work on their teams
  • Organize a follow up meetup around MozCamp Asia where we can work together to refine working documents above and build out new elements

Etherpad and Audio

Find out more on the etherpad for the meetup:

An audio recording of the event is also available: