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Guide on helping brand new contributors find first tasks and match their skills/interests to projects/teams.


  • Contribution area: An area of the Mozilla project open to contribution
  • Pathway: A set of steps for building skills and responsibility in a contribution area.
  • Guide: A person who helps a potential contributor find the contribution area that's right for them and start them along that area's pathway
  • Manual: A document which a Guide uses to help match a contributor up with a contribution area
  • Choose Your Own Adventure: A set of books in which the reader is the protagonist.


  • Need to know the contribution areas
  • Need to know the pathway entry points for each contribution area
  • Need to be know how to use the Manual as a tool
  • Need training?


  • Lists contribution areas, and for each...
    • Keywords
    • Skills
    • Contacts
    • Pathway entry points
    • Passive communication channels
    • Inter/active communication channels
  • Model user types with "I want to..."
    • "I want to write code in <language>."
    • "I want to find a way to help but I don't know what and I have no skills."
    • "I want to add a feature to Firefox."
  • How to turn ambiguity into contributions
    • "I want to know when Firefox OS is available in my country."
    • "I want to get some stickers to give out at my school."
    • "I use Chrome and I think Firefox tabs look like poop."

Accepting a Guide - Steps

  • Send Acceptance Letter.
  • Accept to Guides Mozillian, and promote to moderator on Discourse.

Discourse Functional Area Setup

  • Create '<functional area> Guide Introductions!' Topic, and pin it.
  • Create '<function area> FAQ ' Topic, and pin it.


  • Supports CBT Pathways goal #3 - Support brand new contributors and the projects they join by building a community of mentors and a system to support them.
  • Stakeholders/dependencies
    • Contribution area experts
    • Bedrock team - and decisions about Get Involved page.


  • Thursday, August 21, 2014
    • This wiki page.
    • Outline of what we want in the wiki.
    • Definition of what it means to be a helper/guide.
  • End Q3
    • Reach out to all contribution areas
    • Fully document one contribution area
  • End Q4
    • Program description is complete
    • All contribution areas are documented
    • 1-2 first contributions per "bucket" are well documented
    • How to add more areas and tasks
  • End of 2014
    • Documentation for the guides for 2-3 starter tasks for each of the eight areas of Get Involved.
  • End of 2015
    • Human guides have been replaced by a bot written in Inform7 that converses with contributors and shepherds them into the right contribution area pathway.