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Owner: Pathways Team Updated: 2014-09-9
Vision: The Pathways working group seeks to remove the barriers to contribution so that participation, however it is defined, is beautifully simple.

Pathways Community Building Working Group


Pathways is focused on contribution pathways for functional and regional areas as a way to identify, qualify and onboard new volunteers.


The Pathways working group seeks to remove the barriers to contribution so that participation, however it is defined, is beautifully simple.

Strategies and Goals

  • Systems: Establish a discoverable, scaleable, brand-consistent online hub where contributors can intuitively find opportunites to participate.
  • Mentorship: Make 1:1 mentorship a measurable requirement for all Mozillians.
  • Motivation: Understand the motivations that drive participation in the Mozilla Project so that we create processes and programs that make all contributors' experiences as rich and gratifying as possible.
  • Build Pathways: Establish a rigorous process that continuously pushes us to expand and evolve our definition of "contribution" and to design clear contribution pathways that support those proving most effective. This includes both improving and reinventing our existing contribution paths, and developing new opportunities for Mozillians to contribute.

What Makes a Pathway?

(collaborative document here:

  • Breaking down work
  • Begin with the end in mind
  • What are your project's goals?
    • How will scaling volunteers support these goals?
    • Turn these goals into deliverables
    • Turn deliverables into tasks
    • Plan iteratively (agile)
    • Check in with community and stakeholders frequently and on a schedule
    • Document everything

Kinds of Pathways

  • Functional area pathways
  • Regional pathways
  • Product specific pathways

How to Participate


See Contribute#Joint Recognition/Pathways/Education Working Groups meeting

Discussion Forum

Pathways communicates via Discourse and the CBT discussion list #pathways

Meeting Notes

Next Meeting

Previous Meetings


Updated February 2014

Get Involved Details

Information about how the Get Involved page works to put contributors on to contribution pathways.

Contributor Conversion Points

In 2012, community builders decided upon a set of "conversion points" (or levels of participation) (found here) to provide information about the contributor lifecycle for the Grow Mozilla dashboard. See bug 736109 for details about implementing this and see The SuperStar Radar blog post for information about why this is helpful for community building.


Capacity is a measure of the community building potential of pathways. Knowing the capacity of a pathway helps us provide support through programs and guides that are appropriate to their current situation. How do I determine my community's capacity?


Training missions are a scalable way to onboard new contributors to help them gain experience and develop skills that will allow them to successfully get involved in projects at Mozilla.